In December 2019, AV-Comparatives, the most famous lab in the world that tests security solutions asked the readers to summarize the last twelve months in a survey. In one of the questions, there was a request to write an opinion of every testing company which according to responding user should be considered as the most trusted.

Users had to evaluate institutions which test security products by assigning rating between “-2” and “+2”, where “+2” represents a maximum trust, and “-2” stands for bias. Please note that not all respondents knew about particular labs, and that is why final results can be different than in reality.

The summary of the points awarded to each testing company: avlab and checklab.
The summary of the points awarded to each testing company.

The Austrian AV-Comparatives and the German AV-Test received the totalized score higher than 1, and together with the British Virus Bulletin are the most appreciated lab in the world.

AVLab (and CheckLab) were placed in fifth place in Europe. We took forth places in terms of popularity in the world. At the same time, it is worth to mention that only 1.7% of respondents were from Poland. To some extent, this confirms that AVLab (and CheckLab) is increasingly being recognized. In addition, CheckLab exists only since July 2019, and AVLab since January 2012. In this respect, we are no match for AV-Comparatives that was founded in 1999, and AV-Test in 2004.

Popularity of institutes carrying out security tests in Europe. AVLab (and CheckLab) is ranked fourth.
Popularity of institutes carrying out security tests in Europe. AVLab (and CheckLab) is ranked fourth.

In general, 15 companies were listed in questions that address labs, and evaluated by respondents. Three companies were not included in the summary on the chart because of poor recognition in the world.

The high 4. place in terms of popularity in Europe, and 5. place in terms of social trust is a distinction for us, even though AV-Comparatives did not put AVLab on their list of testing labs.

Detailed information from this survey can be found at:

How the AV-Comparatives and AV-Test labs work and are built? We have shared that knowledge in the articles available here and here.

Why we have founded a new organization with the website?

A mysterious logo occupies prominent place in the AVLab footer for a long time. It is not without reason, because it is a graphical announcement of a professional services of security tests. This dedicated website is entirely devoted to one area exclusively that is precisely oriented towards technical aspects of testing solutions for protecting workstations and personal computers.

The CheckLab organization was founded in July 2019 by the company that has been operating since 2012 in the industry of cybersecurity. The primary objective of the CheckLab organization is to test the usefulness of workstations security, and issuing certificates confirming the protection effectiveness against malicious software and cyberattacks, and also provide results to public information while ensuring the maximum transparency of the tests. There is so much additional information related to the testing, so we have decided to prepare a separate website.

What technologies have we used to build a testing environment in CheckLab? What tools do we use? How does it all work in practice? This and other information can be found in the article which reveals the making of the new portal.

In addition, we have published all instructions about the methodology and collecting malicious software for testing at and also, at the English version -

We thank our Readers from Poland and abroad for the trust!


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