Check Point Infinity Total Protection in the subscription: a new unique security model against threats and attacks of the "fifth generation"

Check Point Software Technologies, during the CPX 360 conference organized in Barcelona, ​​presented Infinity Total Protection, which is to be a revolutionary model of maintaining security in the organization, enabling protection against fifth generation cyber attacks. This innovative model uses Check Point Infinity architectural components, ensuring the highest level of security, while reducing costs by consolidating individual security elements.

Check Point Infinity Total Protection offers a simple and comprehensive one-year subscription offer that includes both network security hardware and software, a fully integrated endpoint, cloud and mobile device protection and prevention of 0-day threats, along with unified management and 24-hour premium support. Thanks to this, subscribers immediately benefit from the unified Check Point Infinity security architecture in all corporate environments, regardless of whether it is a local, mobile or cloud type.

Enterprises should protect themselves against sophisticated and dangerous attacks on all fronts: network, endpoint, mobile telephony and cloud. "said Doug Cahill, group director and senior security analyst at cybersecurity at the Enterprise Strategy Group. The latest fifth generation attacks require a comprehensive fifth generation cyber security solution, such as Check Point's Infinity Total Protection, to ensure the security of critical business data against potentially devastating attacks.

Check Point Infinity Total Protection provides the most comprehensive security suite to protect your organization from advanced and unknown threats. We are dealing here with:

  • Real-time risk prevention: protection against APT and unknown 0-day threats using a real-time sandbox; protection against ransom; anti-bot technologies based on cloud technology and machine-based learning to identify new threats.
  • Advanced network security: an advanced firewall that prevents intrusions and controls applications that support networks of any size.
  • Cloud security: prevention of threats in the public, private and hybrid cloud as well as in the SDN environment, with micro-segmentation ensuring traffic control.
  • Mobile Security: protection against malware on mobile devices with iOS and Android, network identification, secure folders, data protection and document encryption, and EMM integration.
  • Data protection: anti-ransomware software for known and unknown ransomware, data protection and trouble-free document encryption, browser security, fully integrated endpoint protection package.
  • Integrated security and threat management: a unified security management environment that supports multi-device, multi-point and multi-plane management with full risk visibility to support data collection, correlation and attack analysis, and compliance reporting and auditing tools.

Cyber ​​attacks are getting bigger, more sophisticated and complex every day, but many organizations still rely on outdated, older-generation security technologies that can detect attacks only after they appear, "said Gabi Reish, vice president of product management and product marketing. Check Point. Thanks to Infinity Total Protection, enterprises can quickly and easily implement cyber security of the fifth generation, Check Point Infinity architecture in their entire environment, and thus prevent and block the most advanced threats and attacks.

More information on Check Point Infinity and Infinity Total Protection can be found under the link .

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