1: 0 for AVLab, Kaspersky counts a remote management failure

A few days ago, the premiere of the latest Kaspersky Total Security product - multi-device (not to be confused with Kaspersky Internet Security - multi-device ) took place. This software is the manufacturer's response to increased protection needs for different operating systems and was to replace the honest Kaspersky Pure 3.0 (see Kaspersky Pure 3.0 - home security management ) - and more the most extensive version for protecting home users and micro-enterprises.

Since there was a new solution on the Polish market, we wanted to review and test it, but there were some complications:

1. Both Kaspersky Total Security - multi-device and Kaspersky Pure 3.0 software and earlier versions of it enable remote management of computers on which protection is installed. The difference between me is that the management in Kaspersky Pure 3.0 was available from the same application for Windows and from the level of center.kaspersky.com and my.kaspersky.com, however, with simplified capabilities.

In turn, the current Kaspersky Total Security solution - multi-device enables remote management only through the web panel on the above mentioned center.kaspersky.com and my.kaspersky.com

2. The problem is that in order to remotely manage and configure protection components, it is required to set up an account at center.kaspersky.com or its Polish equivalent my.kaspersky.com
Unfortunately, it turned out that from the level of the Polish version of the internet panel, management is not possible due to unspecified reasons. When buying a version of Kaspersky Total Security, the multi-device is currently only looking at its licenses without management capabilities.

Polish version of my.kaspersky.com portal without management capabilities

English version of the portal with available management

However, to change this, please use the English version of center.kaspersky.com and select the appropriate version for your specific operating system from the list ( Protect new Device ). As center.kaspersky.com is in English, a Polish customer who bought a license for Kaspersky Total Security - a multi-device can download the Kspersky Total Security software for Windows only in English, while the Polish license does not match the English version of the program .

The vicious circle closes. Did you buy Kaspersky Total Security - a multi-device because you want to remotely manage your protection? As of today, there is no such possibility.

Kaspersky Lab Polska claims that this error actually occurs, but not on all computers. Thus, the premiere of the Polish portal my.kaspersky.com/pl was postponed until June 19.

The problem with managing the Polish language version of Kaspersky Total Security - multi-device through the online portal is treated with the highest priority and we are working on its removal. We sincerely apologize to all users with whom this complication has occurred - comments Piotr Kupczyk, Director of the media communications office at Kaspersky Lab Polska, for AVLab.

The exception is the Android system. By downloading protection for this device, the customer is redirected to the Polish Google Play store.

In addition, you should know that Kaspersky Total Security - multi-device:

  • It enables remote management of Kaspersky Total Security for Windows (temporarily unavailable in Polish).
  • Remote management of the Android device for which the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android PL application is intended.
  • For iOS, this is Kaspersky Password Manager.
  • For Mac OS, this is Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac 15.
  • Only Kaspersky Safe Browser is available for Windows Phone.

We review and test the Kaspersky Total Security product - multi-device after solving management problems.

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