17 free dekryptors to decrypt files from Quick Heal

Indian Quick Heal, a provider of software and hardware solutions to comprehensive protection of IT environments, shared application "Ransom_Decryptor_v" to decrypt files after the attack until 17 encryption pests.

If the extension encrypted files have adopted the following form, it is a big chance for the complete data recovery. Ransomware Decryptor developed by Quick Heal allows you to recover files after they are encrypted by the following varieties of ransomware'u:

  • Troldesh Ransomware [. xtbl]
  • Crysis Ransomware [. Crysis]
  • Cryptxxx Ransomware [. crypt]
  • Ninja Ransomware [@aol .com. 777]
  • Apocalypse Ransomware [encrypted]
  • Nemucod Ransomware [.crypted]
  • ODC Ransomware [. odcodc]
  • LeChiffre Ransomware [. LeChiffre]
  • Globe1 Ransomware [. hnyear]
  • Globe2 Ransomware [blt]
  • Globe3 Ransomware [. decrypt2017]
  • DeriaLock Ransomware [deria.]
  • Opentoyou Ransomware [[email protected]]
  • Globe3 Ransomware [globe &. happydayzz]
  • Troldesh Ransomware [. dharma]
  • Troldesh Ransomware [.wallet]
  • Troldesh Ransomware [. onion]

The application is simple to use. Simply download the executable file and run it with administrator rights.

The program automatically scans the system for encrypted files.
The scan may take several minutes.

If at the time of the scan encrypted files are found, the program will ask you for the location of the encrypted file and the location to save the decrypted file. Of course, this step can be skipped, and the program will save the recovered files in their original locations — then simply search the entire drive the right script or system tool for the desired file extensions and enjoy the recovered data.

Helpful in the decryption can be generated log file will be saved in the same directory as the application Ransomware Decryptor and will contain the exact path for each encrypted file. In our case it was a file belonging to Steam:

C:\Program Files (x 86) \Steam\libx264-142.dll.crypt

Extension of the accord, so the application Ransomware Decryptor considered file libx264-142. crypt for encrypted ransomware'm Nemucod family.

Quick Heal has more than 7 million active licenses in 80 countries around the world. This number can not doing such an experience, as the combined forces of avast and AVG (approximately 400 million), or Bitdefendera (more than 500 million), however, the market it will verify. And in the form of a small, but rapidly growing companies that actively and successfully fight the molochami in this industry — the Giants, who sometimes turn out to be the only Colossus will go down at the feet of clay.

Quick Heal offers solutions for protection workstations and home computers. Distributor in Poland of the company ITD24, which leads support before and after sales for their customers during normal business hours. In addition to this technical support is carried out directly by the manufacturer, 24 hours a day in English on "follow the sun". More details about the solutions Quick Heal for business is located on the website http://pl.seqrite.com and on our website in the section "manufacturer/Quick Heal and Seqrite".

Both for individuals and for corporate gain in our specialized tests of very good results. In the latest test for virus protection bezplikowymi and the inspection test the effectiveness of security against drive-by download, Indian products company Quick Heal received the highest award "BEST + + + "and were characterised by a very good protection against intruders (and. IPS/IDS Intrusive Prevention/Detection System).

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