175,000 IoT devices from a Chinese company susceptible to remote takeover

Up to 175,000 IoT devices may contain a security vulnerability that gives attackers the ability to remotely navigate control.

At the Defcon conference, a researcher from Bitdefender presented the result of his investigation - about 175,000 IoT devices, including IPTV cameras, sensors, routers that were produced by the Chinese company Shenzhen Neo Electronics, contain an error in the authentication mechanism. As a consequence, it is possible to transform these devices into an army of zombies that will execute the hacker's commands.

Most of these devices, due to the same firmware, have a buffer overflow vulnerability. Under certain conditions, this may be a remote code execution. The same type of vulnerability is also present in sensors that control alarms. Vulnerabilities have also been found in the RTSP server that allows the transmission of video. If you add this, the UpnP protocol that opens the ports on the routers (thanks to which they are accessible from the outside), we have an explosive mixture: the search engine Shodan found from 100,000 to 140,000 devices from each vulnerability group. Researchers estimate that the real vulnerable number of devices from this manufacturer is about 175,000.

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