The "2017.5" update brings new safety features to Emsisoft's products

In tests of security products for companies from the SME segment and individual users, the Emsisoft brand software has been repeatedly awarded for excellent behavioral protection in real time and impeccable performance of products. Yesterday's update "2017.5" brings new security features that you should write about.

The users of Emsisoft's programs in Poland are the sixth, the most numerous group of customers of this manufacturer - there are us, Poles, about 100,000. Before us are only users from the USA, Germany, Russia and France.

Thanks to WannaCry ransomware , these types of threats were on the list of all security teams, distributors, resellers and integrators who provide security solutions to end customers. It also turned out that the entire IT world, even not so much prepared for massive attacks using software and file sharing protocols, which clearly ignores good security practices that are rolled like a mantra. The reasons for this lack of professionalism can be found in the wealth of the portfolio of many companies, inadequate knowledge of attack vectors or the deficit of competent professionals in this area.

The Emsisoft company, as the creator and provider of protective solutions, takes responsibility for ensuring security against all kinds of ransomware threats. What's more, he claims that he is still the technological leader in the fight against malware that encrypts files. It is difficult for a producer to refuse enthusiasm and willingness, because there is a lot of truth in it:

  • Emsisoft was one of the first producers to block WannaCry's behavioral ransomware (without a signature in the signatures).
  • In our test for protection against ransomware threats , Emsisoft software has obtained the highest certificate, which confirms the effectiveness of these solutions in defense against unknown, malicious files encryption:

Only the best security products deserve the BEST +++ certificate from AVLab.

Readers interested in Emsisoft solutions are referred to the developed reliable software review of Emsisoft Internet Security 12 and Emsisoft Anti-Malware for Business .

News for individual users

Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, thanks to the "2017.5" update, gain:

  • New, the main security component of "Anti-Ransomware", which was previously part of Behavior Blocker.
  • A new option to scan files in e-mails (Thunderbird and MS Outlook), which is available in the "custom scan" settings.
  • Reduced number of false occurrences.
  • Small GUI changes.
  • Some minor bug fixes related to malware detection.

New products for companies

Console Emsisoft Enterprise Console, thanks to the update "2017.5" received:

  • Correction of an error that caused computers with Windows 10 to disconnect from the console during software or signature updates.
  • The option to detect PNP programs in the scan settings.
  • Improving policies, reports, installations, uninstallations and other settings.
  • The console was moved to the .NET 4.5 platform

Both the console for administrators and the final software will receive the update automatically in the next few hours.

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