225,000 new threats in the first quarter of 2015

225 thousand new threats every day, 20 million malware in three months, 40% more malware in Q1 compared to last year - these are just some of the data from the PANDALABS REPORT Q1 2015 report, which confirm that cybercriminals and virus writers are not at all they will stop on these numbers - next years may turn out to be record-breaking in this respect and will conquer all the infamous statistics.

Not everything gold that shines. Despite the fact that the most frequently created family of viruses in Q1 2015 were Trojans, which constituted almost ¾ of all threats, the first pages of portals that deal with security were Ransomware - pests that encrypt data and demand a ransom for their recovery. At the beginning of the year, CryptoLocker was particularly loud - malware has become widely used to earn "fast and easy" money.

And how is the knowledge of our countrymen about computer security? It turns out that it's not the best. This is confirmed by statistics that clearly state that Polish computers with Panda software installed are on the list of the most attacked countries in our region. Of course, this does not mean that these computers were infected, but the contact with viruses certainly took place.

The situation looks completely different in the west. It is Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway that are the least attacked countries - at least from the perspective of the number of users who protect their machines with software from Panda Security.

The above report also complements other data. According to the manufacturer's lab, not only Ransomware gathers its harvest, but also:

  • Scam campaigns on Facebook that offer various prizes. Of course, after clicking on interesting information, you are directed to a malicious or phishing page.
  • Java and Flash are still the most frequently exploited software. There is no wonder, after all, the applications with the most holes.
  • The phishing are also a bane. Criminals are trying each other in various ways to find new ways to get private information from us.
  • You can not forget about mobile viruses. Recent years have shown that Android in terms of infection has become the second Windows.
  • Cyber-fire between countries is gaining momentum. Every now and then more countries are establishing new sub-units operating within the army, whose only goal is cyber defense of their territory, government and public institutions.

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