87% of Directors of IT departments have problems with managing new technologies

The latest research shows that the rapid pace of change causes more and more problems with management in IT departments. Nine out of ten IT directors (93% of respondents) believe that IT is much more complex than a few years ago. New research shows that cloud computing (66%), outdated technologies (51%) and software licenses (51%) are the biggest complication in IT departments of many organizations. 71% of respondents claim that it is difficult to choose the right technology, and 61% said that the process of choosing the right solution for their business is very complicated.

Research shows that a large percentage of IT departments are faced with a choice: the most modern technology, or perhaps the tried and tested solution. Modern technology means simplification in management, increasing the efficiency of the entire system, low cost implementation and new functions to be used in business. However, they do not have financial problems to pass to these solutions, but the problems with maintaining the integrity of the entire system and the new way of maintaining, which differs from traditional solutions, are the most important.

Entrepreneurs are interested in accelerating business processes and are looking for solutions that would keep all the advantages of modern technology and full protection of data and processes performed in the company.

80% of directors admitted that when implementing new systems they lacked skills that would allow smooth implementation and management. This is mainly due to the pace of changes taking place in the field of computer science.

Commenting on the results of the research, Phil White, the IT director at a professional services company Rhead Group, said:

"Simplicity is difficult to maintain while maintaining the operational and program complexity, but it can be achieved with the participation of experienced employees and cooperation with companies providing services to simplify certain processes. (...) Using the experts, the implementation of new technologies is much simpler. "

Even the increased initial cost of implementing additional solutions to secure the entire system without load, or moving some of the servers to the cloud may pay off with a simpler way by simplifying the entire system, or moving IT attention to other tasks.

The survey was conducted on 200 British IT directors from large enterprises employing over 1,000 employees.

source: Bitdefender

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