About security in the upcoming iOS 11

Soon we can expect iOS update – the current iOS version 10 has been almost a year, and the beta version of iOS 11 is close to completion, as they proclaim the rumors. Apple does not provide, when can we expect the introduction of iOS 11 and does not disclose details about the new version. However, given the introduction of the previous version in September 2016 r., believe that this autumn the new system will be available to customers. In connection with the update of the operating system, you should look into whether Apple sufficiently cares about the safety of their customers. Experts Sophos, a world leader network security correspond to whether consumers upgrading their IOS & should be concerned about your safety.

The best way to look at the security features built into Apple systems was to test the beta version of the popular iPhone 6. Experts can thus check what changes in the system may be relevant for people interested in security. List of updates is of course available on the official website of Apple, however, not all are listed below. Many of the announced changes apply to usability, appearance and ease of navigating, experts Sophos focused, however, on the changes, which from the point of view of safety and privacy are the key for each system.

Screen lock: more talking than safety

Setting passwords on mobile devices is one of the most basic methods of protecting privacy, which should be used by all users. Noteworthy is also that users should prevent access to Siri, when the screen is locked, because it can be used by criminals to circumvent security and access the private data (eg. stored in it).

In the case of iOS 11 this security, however, is not sufficient to prevent seepage into the phone. Already in the previous version of getting more notifications from applications displayed was for lock screen. You can view and respond without having to provide a password. IOS 11 will continue this trend, and even extend the availability of some options when your phone is locked, by showing the control center (menu, which you can expand from the bottom of the screen) and the ability to respond to missed calls. All of these options will be enabled by default in any iOS device 11.

Or extend the functionality of your phone with the locked screen is a significant problem? Of course not always the case. This can be problematic, however, if your phone is in the wrong hands. A strong password should, however, reduce the risk, if the phone is stolen or lost. Keep in mind that Apple by default, allows you to access several significant functionality at the time of the theft. Although receiving incoming calls on lock screen can be extremely comfortable, allowing access to other elements may expose users to serious losses. You should seriously consider the superiority of safety over convenience using the phone and disable any pop-up notifications on the lock screen, which are not necessary. You can do this in your phone's settings through touch Id tab and scroll down to the "allow access when you lock".

More iCloud Keychain

If you are using Apple products and Keychain, enjoy the fact that iCloud Keychain is even more integrated with the iOS 11 than with previous versions of the system, with greater manageability and visibility in the iOS. Under settings there is a new section "account and password, which the user can manually add credentials (which seems tedious) or when the iOS itself detects a set of credentials, you may ask to save them.

These credentials stored on the iPhone 6 from iOS 11 beta, also appear on synchronized Macbook in Keychain "iCloud" (and therefore the iCloud Keychain). While the credentials previously stored in iCloud Keychain Macbook, not syncing and does not register as a backup in the "Password apps and websites" on the iPhone. So it seems that credential sharing is one-way – provide credentials account Keychain. Thanks to password management is facilitated and available for people that do not use the password manager.

In detail about location sharing

Change the location sharing is not significant, but pretty good. All applications that use any kind of location services must have 3 options to access the location: "Always", "when you use" and "never". Although part of the application for iOS 10 had already this functionality, most of them asked for access to a location once and use it on a permanent basis. Location master switch is located on the top of the settings page and can easily be switched to another mode of operation.

If you want to try iOS beta please note that this version may still be imperfect and have some disadvantages, which eliminate the work Apple engineers. So let's take a moment to ensure that a backup copy of all your files on your phone or try it on a device that is not used on a daily basis. To download the beta version, follow the instructions on the Apple and ask them to sign in with your credentials. The procedure is a lot easier if the iOS 11 beta is installed through Safari.

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