[Act. # 2] The year 2018 in the US will start with the ban on the use of Kaspersky Lab's software

The US Senate in the "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018" passed the budget for the Department of Defense in the amount of 632 billion dollars. Money was on such projects as:

  • Support for US military administration in Europe.
  • Financial assistance for Ukraine.
  • Co-financing of territorial defense of the Baltic countries.
  • Development of research and development programs on missiles.

From the point of view of the activities of the AVLab portal, the document on page 12 contains the most interesting paragraph:

Prohibits the DPL from Kaspersky Lab software.

The Act prohibits the use of Kaspersky Lab's software. No, not for all Americans - permanent ban has not yet been granted - the ban was imposed on the Department of Defense, whose units can not use the security solutions of the Russian company founded by Evgeny Kasperski - "for the possible influence of local authorities on internal and external US interests" . The ban will take effect from January 1, 2018.

Suspicions of having backdoors in Kaspersky Lab's programs have been going on for several years, since Bloomberg's journalist accused Eugene Kasperski of cooperating with the KGB services and their then-successor - the FSB.

It looks like the Americans are blowing cold. Although Kaspersky has once again (or at least until the next update) denied rumors about built-in backdoors, he publicly expressed his willingness to cooperate and offered to make the source code available to the US services , but it has probably not been possible to implement such a scenario.

[Update # 2] 03/07/2017

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Mariusz Błaszczak, when asked about a comment on the latest cyber attack in the context of Kaspersky Lab statistics, according to which Poland was in third place as the country with the highest number of infections, said:

Let me be the editor that I will not go into details, the more that the company whose name you have filed ... Maybe I will stop at this. I have some doubts about the credibility of this company.

Statement by the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration from 12 minutes:

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