Advanced WAF to protect applications in a multi-cloud environment from F5 Networks

F5 Networks, a provider of cloud solutions, introduces the new Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) for comprehensive application protection. F5's advanced firewall for application protection is available in a variety of application and licensing models, e.g. billing for individual applications, indefinite subscription, and billing for wear to ensure maximum flexibility in the cloud and data center. It helps security teams to effectively cooperate with developers and network specialists and efficiently implement application security services in any environment that can be configured for individual applications or massively. The holistic approach to application security facilitates management, reduces operating costs and allows effective delivery of attack neutralization services.

Advanced Web Application Firewall strengthens F5 as the leader in application firewalls. The company also improved the self-service WAF Express® system and the Silverline® WAF offer. As an example of various functionalities, the advanced WAF F5 gives customers:

  • The highest protection against theft of access passwords and fraud;
  • The only WAF enabling comprehensive minimization of threats from network and mobile bots;
  • Detecting DDoS attacks in layer 7 using machine learning and behavioral analysis for better accuracy;
  • The best scalable WAF solution on the market

Recent research by F5 Labs has shown that applications are the main focus of most attacks. Cybercriminals use advanced exploits at the application layer, as well as IoT-based methods and bots that will not be stopped by standard detection methods. F5 offers the most comprehensive application protection, thanks to the advanced WAF solution that can be implemented and used effectively depending on your needs.

- comments Ram Krishnan, senior vice president and general manager of the security department at F5

Advanced WAF ensures application security with anti-bot functionality, and thwarts attempts to steal access passwords using key encryption to protect against keyloggers. It also expands the detection of DDoS attacks at the application layer and remediation for all applications thanks to the combination of machine learning and behavioral analysis. In terms of protection against DDoS attacks, the F5 also offers an updated version of DDoS Hybrid Defender® with a very good price / performance ratio. The solution enables operationalization of DDoS functionality and optimization of parameters such as "time to detect" and "time to mitigate" an attack.

F5 solutions are supported by an extended package of additional security programs. These include research and analysis of threats from F5 Labs , rapid response functions offered by the world-class F5 team for Security Incident Response ( SIRT ) and mitigation of global attacks through SOC (Security Operation Center). These resources provide proactive, round-the-clock monitoring and reporting of threats to protect organizations from malware, phishing, and online fraud. At the same time, the F5 Professional Services team provides guidance on the best ways to design, implement, maintain and optimize security solutions for each scenario.

F5 Advanced WAF and DDoS Hybrid Defender are now available, and new safety features have been released for sale. More details are provided by the F5 sales office.


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