After several years of waiting, Kaspersky Lab released a free antivirus

The management of Kaspersky Lab exactly two years has told us to wait for a free alternative of commercial programs. The trial version of the presented product, previously known as " Kaspersky 365 ¼ ", was initially available only to users legitimizing the download page with an IP address from the Russian address pool. From today, a stable and free Kaspersky Free application that protects home desktops has been passed on to users around the world.

When deciding on free antivirus software, you should be aware of the "consequences" of such a choice. The advantages include, of course, the lack of price, but the payment for the security product should be treated as a conscious investment. Only when the home budget does not allow it, you can support at least free solutions - and at the same time work on your account with limited privileges, regardless of the security product installed.

Kaspersky Free, in order to be clear, in terms of functionality does not reach up to its commercial counterparts. This product has run out of:

  • Anti-Cryptor feature that restores files after a ransomware attack,
  • advanced application control, firewall, ad blocker and banner, anti-spam,
  • privacy protection, including protection against malicious software using webcams,
  • safe money module ( see the test carried out by AVLab),
  • parental protection,
  • Polish language (it is not excluded that Kaspersky Free will soon come to Poland),
  • in the event of problems with viruses, there is also no technical support from the manufacturer.

Instead, it has access to Kaspersky Network Security, a connected network of users of Kaspersky Lab's products (both corporate and individual), into one cohesive whole. Thanks to the exchange of information between individual computers, users get immediate access to metadata about new threats, reputation of websites and reputation of installed programs.

In one sentence - Kaspersky Free offers basic protection. Same as Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition .

Could not be different. Kaspersky Free is very similar to the commercial programs of this company.

Why did Kaspersky Lab release the free version?

Probably for the same reasons as other producers - to encourage users of a specific geographic region to try out free versions, in order to gain more satisfied customers who will buy commercial programs in the future.


Are. And a few. If someone has concerns about the reliability of Kaspersky Lab - just like the Polish Minister of Justice, Mariusz Błaszczak - should look for an alternative. First of all, we recommend trying the Polish SpyShelter product (exception, it is payable). This is not typically "antivirus" software, but we can risk the statement that in good hands, ie hands of an experienced user, it will work much better than modern security packages. In the second place, we recommend the Comodo Internet Security software, which is not only free, but in terms of functionality and protection, it can spread out many commercial products. People looking for "something different", eg protection based on white application lists, recommend the VoodooShield program and the free SecureAPlus software, which in our test against drive-by download attacks has been (as the only) the highest distinction in the product category without a firewall module. " Turn your antivirus into SecureAPlus " - yes, it's probably a good password and very well in place.

Free Kaspersky Free software is available for download on the manufacturer's English site:…

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