The almost perfect Emsisoft Online Armor firewall will no longer be developed

This information was shared by the producer on his blog. The Emsisoft Online Armor product known primarily from the HIPS module, advanced configuration options and banking protection will no longer be developed.

The antivirus market can be divided into three parts:

1. Regular gray users for whom the antivirus program is an "install and forget" application. Any messages are incomprehensible to them, even if messages in the form of pop-up windows "speak" to them in their native language. This group of users is quite a part of the cake.

2. Advanced users who value in security programs the ability to adapt almost any security module. For them, "anti-virus user" communication is indicated or desirable, but they constitute only a small percentage of all clients.

3. Companies - from micro enterprises for which no special solutions are created, to small, medium and large companies, for which the requirements as to protection are completely different from the requirements of advanced users. Business clients appreciate the scalability of the solution, remote management, a synergistic combination of many aspects of protection (AV, anti-spam, firewall, IPS, IDS, banking protection) as well as a large automation of Endpoints - precisely because of employees who often belong to the first described group users.

This is the end of Emsisoft Online Armor

According to the manufacturer, the Internet and its threats have changed and evolved so much that the OA software would have to undergo a significant change to adapt the program to current market requirements. Between the lines we can read that the Austrians - as well as a large part of other producers - now create solutions for consumers described in the first point, omitting the users described in the second point. I suppose that's what happened with the Online Armor firewall. There was not much demand for it - advanced users are in a large minority and do not have the strength to penetrate like the third and the first group.

In May 2014, when we informed about the beta version of Emsisoft 9, the manufacturer provided information:

New products will use part of the firewall from Online Armor, but there will also be new firewall elements based on a new kernel, other than in Online Armor. The HIPS module will run out of Emsisoft Internet Security, however it is not excluded that it will not be added in the future. The security blocker for the anti-virus remains unchanged.

According to the producer, the security software must be effective, but first of all less intrusive and annoying to the end user. That's why in Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, the behavioral blocker connected to the cloud is much better than HIPS in Online Armor - which is not true from a security point of view - but it causes significantly less pop-up messages.

For this reason, it was decided that Emsisoft Online Armor would no longer be developed. From yesterday, ie from March 31, 2015, the sale of Emsisoft Online Armor has been suspended. Existing users who have valid licenses for the Emsisoft Online Armor product can activate the license only until the end of May 2015, and officially from March 31, 2016 technical support will end. The manufacturer also announces that it will not deal with problems related to the compatibility of the Online Armor firewall with Windows 10, because it would require significant changes in the code.

Customers who previously had a valid license for the Online Armor program can take advantage of the free upgrade to Emsisoft Internet Security 9. If you have more licenses, the manufacturer encourages customers to negotiate, and if this change is not satisfactory for the client, it will be possible to proportional refund of the amount paid.

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