Amazon is fighting against the outdated and leaky Flash Player

Amazon, as a global giant and international trading company, is piercing a cocoon of old technologies used, in fact, very often on websites. It breaks out in front of the row showing green light to other global companies that can achieve something in this matter and influence developers to direct their activities towards HTML5.

Due to more and more frequent problems with (un) security, which Flash Player adds to its three groszy, as usual, the website will not contain any content or ads in Flash technology from September 1, 2015. According to the management of Amazon, the abandonment of this type of advertising will bring not only a faster loading of the site, but above all it is a step towards security.

It's hard to disagree with this decision, Flash Player is the same evil that has manifested itself in many ways:

  1. Yahoo advertising network used to infect computers - through vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash.
  2. Updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader patch 46 vulnerabilities , most of which allowed an attacker to execute arbitrary code with different attack vectors.
  3. Luka zero day in the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and Angler Exploit Kit in the background.
  4. Organizations from Japan in the pinch of a sophisticated cyber- espionage campaign - cybercriminals hunt confidential information using an unpatched vulnerability in Flash Player.

Of course, in this case, Amazon is not a pioneer. Producers of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari have already decided that Flash technology will not be supported by their browsers. In turn, Mozilla limited the operation of Flash Player, which is associated primarily with outdated software and attack vector, often used in drive-by attacks. Flash Player from version is blocked by the Firefox browser by default, but the user can still "manually" allow it.

Flash Player, it's enough, thank you.

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