Antivirus Bitdefender after update got VPN module

Good news for all users who use the Bitdefender products. All antivirus Bitdefender in versions for personal computers and mobile phones get VPN service. The functionality of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides the privacy and security of data while automatically connect to the Internet through unsecured wireless networks in airports, shopping malls, cafes, hospitals or Hotels.

VPN ensures not only encrypted data transmission between your computer and the website or Internet resource. It is possible to obtain access to content only in the country or data content are blocked by the operator in the country, for example. social networks. For example, let's use some Turkish Government which censor any portal social-media and blocks the page with torrents.

In Poland there is censorship? Unfortunately, Yes. Its seed is our Polish and Government register of gaming sites. For a complete list of blocked domains is available at: Recall that from 1 July 2017 year Internet provider within 48 hours are required to block access to the domains associated with gambling activities, and shared by the "Domain Registry to Offer Gambling," the Ministry of finance under penalty of financial fine. The obligation to block also have online payment operators.

As we can read on the page of the project:

, Pursuant to art. 89 para. 1 point 5 and 7 of the monetary penalty on games of chance are also subject to the payment service provider, which does not comply with the prohibition against making payment service pages using Internet domain names entered in the register and the entrepreneur telecommunications defaulting to block access to Web sites using the domain names registered.

What's really going on? About the money with the winnings, which have not been subjected to a tax audit. Now the player can be punished not only for the failure of the tax authorities, but for participating in online game:

In accordance with article 5. 107 section 2 of the Act of 10 September 1999, the Penal tax (Dz.u. of 2016 r. 2137, as amended) fined up to 120 daily rates shall be on the territory of the Republic of Poland participates in foreign gambling. In accordance with article 5. 109 of the Penal Treasury participant in gambling, urządzanej or carried out contrary to the provisions of the Act or the terms of a license or permit, shall be fined up to 120.

Politicians took to develop the law in not taking into account modern technical possibilities and votes. Censorship on Internet gambling can get around very easily, for example, with the use of VPN services.

programy antywirusowe Bitdefender dostały moduł VPN

Antivirus Bitdefender after update got VPN module

Functions as a VPN tunnel between a user and the VPN server in the selected country. From the VPN server encrypted connection is redirected to the selected website or services (FTP, SSH and others).

Between the device and Server VPN encrypted tunnel is created network communication, which significantly impedes the eavesdropping packages and to trace the real IP address of the user. The VPN server makes the connection with the Bank can be safe even when using open Wi-Fi network. Such a move may not be controlled by your Internet provider, although thanks to the logs, the operator becomes aware that his client used the VPN. It will not, however, able to block the defined resources, keywords or websites.

The principle of VPN best captures the following:

Jak działa Bitdefender VPN

BitDefender VPN can be used by the user of the software Bitdefender at any time, but is especially recommended for:

  • to connect to the public network;
  • access to the content of blocked in the country or data for a particular country;
  • -preserve the privacy and security of confidential data entered on the pages at increased risk (banks, online payment, shopping);
  • Hide real IP address;
  • access to the content censored in a given geographical region;

Bitdefeder a VPN is an integral part of the antivirus software. Tunneling functionality is not available as a separate application from the manufacturer of Bitdefender. We know, however, that Bitdefender uses company resources Hotspot Shield (like Kaspersky Lab).

Bitdefender VPN Hotspot Shield

How much is a Bitdefender VPN?

Bitdefeder a VPN is available in free and premium options for each user solutions antivirus Bitdefender brand. The functionality of the free version provides 200 MB of bandwidth per device per day and automatically connects to the optimal server without possibility of diversion. Yes, 200 MB is very little, but for online banking, online purchases or temporary IP address changes should be enough. In the subscription of Bitdefender Premium VPN client receives unlimited usage on network traffic and connect to any available server in dozens of countries around the world.

What happens when the Bitdefender anti-virus subscription expires? The device will no longer be protected from threats, but the functionality of Bitdefender Premium VPN will continue to be available in the product.

Bitdefender subscription Premium VPN and the free version is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The user who purchased the license for example. the Bitdefender Total Security on 5 devices can use Bitdefender subscription Premium VPN on 5 devices at the same time.

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