Apps on Google Play steal passwords and logins to Facebook

Experts from the ESET antivirus company analyzed two new malware samples that appeared on Google Play and were hidden in Cowboy Adventure and Jump Chess games. The applications contained a Trojan whose task was to obtain login details for the Facebook account. ESET security experts give 4 tips on how to protect yourself against malware by downloading applications from Google Play.

Cowboy Adventure is a relatively popular game and almost 1 million users could fall into a trap. What is the ambush? After launching the application on Android devices, a fake Facebook login window is displayed. If the victim falls into a trap and gives his data, it will be sent straight to a server controlled by cybercriminals. Interestingly, games infected with the Trojan, which ESET detects as Android / Spy.Feabme.A, were fully functional.

Despite the fact that the number of potential victims could amount up to one million, the number of users who fell into a trap is much smaller. All this thanks to the comments of other participants who warned about the threat and downloading the game. The Cowboy Adventure app with the Trojan was available on Google Play from at least April 16, 2015, the date of the last update. It is not known whether the previous version also contained malware. Currently, this app can not be downloaded from Google Play.

ESET experts give 4 tips on how to protect yourself against malware by downloading apps from Google Play:

  1. Download applications only from trusted companies - minimizing the risk of infecting your device with malware.
  2. Always check user comments - they can warn you, for example about a suspicious login window, as was the case with infected games.
  3. You should also always pay attention to the permissions requested by the application and opt out of installing the one that requires too much. The weather forecast application does not need to have access to messages or photos.
  4. Install anti-virus software on your mobile device that detects malicious applications, Trojans and other threats.

source: ESET

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