AV-TEST: test of 27 antivirus programs in Windows 8 x64

The German laboratory AV-Test has published results from tests of 27 antivirus programs. The survey was conducted in January and February this year in Windows 8.1 64-bit. The AV-TEST methodology has been unchanged for a long time . The programs are tested on default settings with Internet access. The quality of protection, performance and susceptibility to false alarms (usability) are checked.

The test results are available at: http://www.av-test.org/en/ant…

It is worth paying attention to the Comodo Internet Security software, which very rarely participates in tests carried out by "independent laboratories".

In January and February, the American manufacturer's software in the test to check the effectiveness of protection against 0-day malware attacks on vectors: local, websites, e-mail detected all 208 samples. The average result for all tested programs is 97%. On the other hand, the program's detection rate from the last four weeks is at: 99% in January and 95% in February, where 12207 samples were used in total for the test. Comodo's overall rating for protection is 4 points on a 6-point scale.

In the performance test, where the time of launching websites, the time of downloading the software, installing and running applications and the time of copying data were checked, Comodo slowed down these operations by an average of 3 seconds, yielding 4.5 points out of 6 possible . This is not the worst or the best result. Exactly the same is the average of all the programs studied.

In the test to check the usability of the software, Comodo Internet Security for 500 samples in January and February did not fail - he never let a secure website be blocked. In February, when the testers checked the number of false alarms, Comodo, when scanning 525920 clean samples, three of them qualified as malware. The average for the entire industry was 6 samples. The program also included a crash when installing legal software. For 38 Comodo samples, a false alarm was initiated once and the "clean" installer blocked 4 times. In the test for usability, the Comodo Internet Security software scored 5 points out of 6 possible.

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