AVG Ultimate: full protection no-limit devices

Developer: AVG
Product name: AVG Ultimate
Tested version: 2015
SRP price: 274,99 zł


Editor's opinion

Company AVG Technologies released AVG security software Ultimate. At first glance, it would seem that is the next version of the product that adds nothing new, but merely improves any errors. And it just so happens that this is not true-AVG Ultimate is a whole new approach to the final customer.

AVG Ultimate is not only to protect our PC, using this software, you can protect your computers MAC and Android devices. Purchased license there is no limit to the number of positions. Thanks to such a solution we can protect any number of devicesthat we use every day. The restriction only applies to time license, and so for the duration of the protection one year we will pay £ 274.99, over a period of two years-£ 548.99. If we are already customers of AVG is in the framework of the extension of the license you get 15% discount from the prices given on the Polish Distributor. Unfortunately, I think the only drawback of AVG Ultimate is that the application is not designed Windows Phone and, unfortunately, will not change in the near future. According to the Core-Polish distributor AVG:

Today Polish AVG are not considering such a solution-IE. application for Windows Phone (red.)

AVG Ultimate = AVG Internet Security 2015 + AVG PC TuneUp + AVG Zen

AVG Internet Security 2015 what is in the package AVG Ultimate has the functions of computer security, Web, identity, e-mail and firewall, more about this package we write here.

However, subsequent software included in the Ultimate package to PC TuneUp, which allows you to perform maintenance on your computer. TuneUp combines a number of features designed to increase the performance of your computer. It is possible to:

  • carrying out automatic maintenance that cleans the registry, removes unnecessary files and Defragments your hard drive,
  • cleaning of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • to carry out repairs unusual problems in the system (e.g. no taskbar, icons displayed incorrectly),
  • searching for disk errors,
  • change the settings of the system according to our preferences,
  • to reduce the energy consumption of your computer.


In the Ultimate is also AVG Zen software, that allows you to manage all the protected software. The ZEN Panel you will find options to control the protection status, performance, privacy and identity. These functions odddają full picture, control the level of security on all protected AVG devices. In the event of any problem or event-we are informed, which translates to an easy way to keep m.in updated signature database, and, in the case of threat detection ability to immediate deletion.

Features Of AVG Ultimate

AVG Ultimate gives us various features to improve the performance of your computer. In addition, for the protection of get familiar to us so far, modules that are part of AVG Internet Security, which protects against all kinds of threats. AVG Ultimate allow using AVG ZEN, that allows you to manage all protection devices from a single screen, and allows you to scan and remove viruses from your mobile device.

As part of the performance improvement you get remote PC cleanup, as well as modules:

  • the acceleration of a launching device,
  • extended battery life,
  • removing unnecessary files on the system,
  • set priorities for tasks in order to obtain optimal performance,
  • staying unused programs, reducing CPU usage,
  • removing duplicate files, in order to increase the free space on the disk.

Features for Android devices

Here also we get protection from threats and malicious applications that allow in addition to blocking and locate the device in case it is lost or stolen. We get the option to remove a device any stored data, as well as the option to block unwanted calls and SMS messages. In addition, AVG Zen allows you to:

  • backup applications to your SD card,
  • password protect applications and settings,
  • the photo was taken to the new holder of the device, if it is stolen,
  • blocking access to the device in the event of a change of the SIM card.

In terms of performance we get the modules clean from unnecessary data, and the ability to set up your mobile device in order to ensure a longer battery life.

Features for your Mac Software protection in real time to protect us against all kinds of threats, but in terms of performance removes unnecessary files, and removes duplicates already existing files.

The tests

Methodology: AVG Internet Security 2015 (a part of AVG Ultimate) to the default settings, Windows 7 x 64 Professional + SP1, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 40 11.

For testing we used the package 500 different types of risks (Trojan horses, viruses, PUP) after you download them to your computer, we conducted on them on-demand scan process during which out of all the threats of AVG IS 2015 has detected 458/500 by getting a result at the level of 91.6%.

  • To check for phishing protection we used for this purpose 20 links not older than 48 hours. AVG has blocked 14/20.

Conclusions: AVG has been very good result in threat detection, a little less, but also good deal with protection against phishing.

The Performance Of AVG Ultimate

We have prepared a virtual Windows 7 x 64 Professional + SP1. You have installed software: Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, Java, Opera, and several other programs. On the default settings we checked the consumption at rest and while scanning memory and CPU usage by processes AVG Ultimate. During the 5 minute test results we collected every 1 second.

Consumption of resources in rest

Average resource consumption by processes AVG time 5 minutes at rest.

CPU [%] RAM [MB]
7.109 86

Consumption of resources during the scan

Average resource consumption by processes AVG time 5 minutes during a scan.

CPU [%] RAM [MB]
9.63 88

A summary of the

AVG in the Ultimate Edition is a good option for people who use multiple mobile devices. By purchasing a license you get the ability to use it on an unspecified number of devices. In addition, it provides very good protection level-with this app, you can feel safer. In addition, TuneUp and Cleaner for mobile devices will make your device will disappear unnecessary or duplicate files that unnecessarily waste device memory. Also applicable optimization feature allows you to disable unnecessary applications and reduce energy consumption.

Very nice tool is also AVG Zen, which allows you to manage all your devices from a single control panel. This is a convenient solution that allows us to give control over the safety of our device play type of person in this respect.

As the name AVG ULTIMATE may indicate a new solution from AVG-this, however, we receive the package already known applications that closed in "one package" to ensure protection for all-regardless of their amount of equipment at an affordable the price.

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