Avira Free Antivirus with Cloud technology

Developer: Avira
Product name: Antivirus Free 2014
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Avira Free Antivirus is a product created by a German company. About Avira software. Now let's look at the free version of this software with the number 2014.

Avira is a very popular security software, which is used by over 270 million users worldwide, and the number is constantly growing.


The installation process has changed compared to previous versions. Now, to install the software, you only need to approve the license agreement and the installer will do the same.

After completing all the operations, we receive a ready product with the current antivirus signature database.

In terms of appearance, the software does not differ from the previous versions, which in some cases may arouse aversion to others, but it may be a plus, because the modules are well known to them and do not need to learn the new version or look for options.

What's new?

The novelty, which is obviously a big advantage for the software, the more the free version is the introduction of cloud technology, which, according to the manufacturer, ensures effectiveness in detecting threats at the level of 99.99%.

What are the advantages of using this technology?

All sensitive technologies whose task is to analyze threats are placed in the cloud, not on the user's physical computer, so they are not known to the public, which makes it impossible to create a threat that could be omitted by the system. Thanks to this technology, Avira also has real-time attack maps, so it is possible to identify patterns and learn how cybercriminals work and to block the spread of malicious software.

Avira Cloud Protection in numbers

  • 99.99 % - detection level using Avira cloud technology
  • 145,000 - scanned suspicious files every day
  • 1 second - time of file information transfer to the cloud
  • 10,000 - new viruses added daily to the database
  • 3 - security levels: virus signature database, heuristic protection, in-depth analysis

How does protection in the cloud work - infographics

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