Avira introduces marketing changes in its latest products

Some time ago we informed about the introduced nomenclature changes by Avira in their products and lightly advised antivirus technologies. Beta versions have come to an end, and all tested items are slowly reaching users.

It was supposed to be:

Recall that until recently Avira had the following programs: Avira Internet Security Suite, Family Protection Suite and Ultimate Protection Suite. All of these products were to be replaced with one - Avira Antivirus Pro.


The name change to Avira Antivirus Pro was introduced only for Avira Antivirus Suite . Avira Internet Security Suite and Ultimate Protection Suite remain unchanged.

Each Avira subscriber will have access to the best and most current anti-malware technologies with cloud protection (Avira URL Cloud), which according to the manufacturer are the most advanced technologies of detecting malware among security providers.

Avira has also applied a new signature technology under the name VDF , which will allow to increase the number of virus defenses and optimize their download speed, which in turn should contribute to:

  • faster system startup,
  • reducing the size of the signature defence,
  • lower consumption of resources by the anti-virus application

Let us remind you that in addition to the changes mentioned above, Avira also introduces:

1. Refreshed GUI

2. Server Security Update - fix fixes many errors related to the execution of remote commands, quarantine, MMC integration and improves performance at system startup. The support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 has also been improved.

3. AIRS (Avira Intelligent Repair System) - this is a new functionality including a system restore point, recent updates, restart support, and quarantine.

4. Lack of SearchFree - Avira resigns from an intrusive toolbar in all products.

5. Fixed many errors related to the Avira system tray, reduced the number of recorded events that could slow down the computer.

source: Avira, own

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