Avira Online Essentials - control of the status of devices protected by Avira solutions

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Do you use Avira antivirus at home? Would you like to have several home computers, laptops and smartphones under your own control? Or maybe you are a good friend and would you like to help protect the safety of your friends' infernetics? If the answer is "YES" to one of the questions, the Avira Online Essentials solution is for you.

Avira Online Essentials is a panel that allows you to control the security status of devices and is available from the level of the web browser, that is, from anywhere with access to the network. To use this solution you must create your own profile, to which we then add your own devices. We have quite a lot of choices here and we can assign computers, laptops, tablets as well as smartphones running iOS or Android.

A panel with information about devices

When we want to add a device, we need to download the Avira security software installer and install it. After the correct installation, our panel will display information about the new equipment, which will be assigned the identifying name, we can change it to your own, more understandable, for example, Maciek's computer, Marta, Kamil's phone.

After adding the device, we can review information about the operations performed, e.g. the time of the last scan, check which applications offered by Aviraa are active on it and draw on:

  • information about the installed operating system
  • information about the installed version of Avira
  • information about the latest update and version of VDF signatures

The more interesting data is the security status of the device itself.

Report on the last scan performed

By clicking on the anti-virus module, we can check the number of scanned files, the number of infections and errors, check the information about the security module itself, ie whether the license is active, the name of the security and its version. In the modules tab, we will verify which security modules are active on a given device and depending on the Avira version, information about the firewall, e-mail protection and www protection will be available.

The status of the modules on the device

Information about the browser protection add-on allows you to check whether it is installed and on which devices.

Through the panel, we will also download the free Anti-Theft add-on which allows you to protect your iPhone, iPad or iPod if it is stolen with the possibility of GPS location. We will also remotely delete important data from the device.

Help friends

Avira Online Essentials is not very extensive, for example there is no option to run a scan or block a specific application. They are available for functionality in parental control, however, not available through the web panel. The solution is free, so what can you expect more? :)

Avira panel for a good solution for a group of friends and family. Thanks to him, a friend / family member whom we can trust, can (only) control the security status of various devices, as well as receive information about detected irregularities.

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