Bakotech became a distributor of NetScout mobile network devices

Bakotech has become the official distributor of NetScout's handheld network solutions, which include the Wi-Fi Solutions group - tools for designing, implementing and optimizing wireless LAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac networks to maximize efficiency. A second group of Wired Solutions devices helps technicians check network connections in less than 10 seconds. These solutions improve productivity through simple interfaces with a diverse level of skills.

AirMagnet NetScout

NetScout solutions provide comprehensive visibility into network operation (end-to-end). The manufacturer has accumulated unparalleled experience in monitoring and analyzing network and application traffic flows, both in the networks of service providers and corporate networks, local infrastructure and hybrid environments in the cloud. Thanks to a rich product line, starting from performance monitoring systems, through network packet aggregates (Network Packet Broker), to network testers and analyzers, as well as Wi-Fi network analysis - NetScout is a leader in the market of network and network application efficiency management, setting directions changes that every company experiences. It is also a provider of services optimizing the use of resources in all modern IP networks.

Introduced technological innovations within the offer allow the manufacturer to provide at the same time reliable tools for efficient and effective management of dynamic applications and images of service provision.

More information about products can be found on the manufacturer's website:

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