Bakotech is a distributor of WatchGuard - a producer of UTM and NGFW solutions

Bakotech has signed another distribution agreement, adding WatchGuard products to its portfolio. WatchGuard Technologies has been operating on the market since 1996, creating dynamic, efficient and easy-to-use network security solutions in the field of UTM and Next-Generation Firewall.

The manufacturer's offer is based on 4 product groups:

  • XTM (eXtensible Threat Management) solutions for comprehensive network security management,
  • SSL solutions that enable remote access to company resources, complementing the functionality of XTM solutions,
  • XCS (eXtensible Content Security) solutions that ensure email security enriched with DLP
  • WatchGuard AP - wireless access points that complement XTM solutions.

The products of the WatchGuard company have been appreciated for over a dozen years, winning numerous awards and distinctions. With the cooperation with the producer, Bakotech became the exclusive, authorized WatchGuard distributor in Poland.

source: Bakotech

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