Bakotech: Endpoint Protector in the MSP model in the Ceesoft portfolio

The Ceesoft company operating as part of the international distribution group Bakotech has introduced another solution in the MSP (Managed Service Provider) model - Endpoint Protector, which belongs to DLP (Data Loss Prevention) products.

Ceesoft is part of the international distribution group Bakotech, acting as a specialized distributor of IT security services in the SME model in Central and Eastern Europe, offering world-class anti-virus, anti-spam and network gateways, both for companies in the SaaS model and for home users. Working with the most innovative suppliers, the company distributes services in the partner channel, offering a wide range of implementations, including the purchase of solutions without the need to invest in hardware and software, along with comprehensive technical consulting services, commercial consultations and after-sales support. The company offers the best protection of our partners 'and clients' devices in real time, regardless of time, place and hardware platform.

So far, Ceesoft has offered three types of solutions: Webroot MSP, SpamTitan MSP and WebTitan Cloud. Currently, the portfolio has been extended with the Endpoint Protector solution in the MSP model, which is produced by CoSoSys, operating in the area of ​​security solutions. The company has distributors and resellers in over 90 countries. CoSoSys solutions have been recognized by the largest companies in the world and effectively protect data on over 30 million devices. The company's mission is to protect the organization against theft, leakage and data loss. This is particularly important in the context of data protection combined with the issues of the GDPR. CoSoSys received the title of the Niche Player in the Data Loss Prevention Enterprise category in the Gartner square .

Endpoint Protector 5 in the MSP model is available in the form of 2 modules:

  • Device Control - allows you to control ports (USB, serial port, memory card reader, etc.) and devices connected to them such as pendrives, mobile phones, cameras and cameras, and much more.
  • Content-Aware DLP (Content Content Analysis) - provides control over sensitive data and their potential leakage or theft through web browsers, e-mail client, instant messengers, social networks and more.

Benefits for partner from establishing cooperation in the SME model include:

  • No activation costs
  • No system maintenance costs
  • Ease of management from the level of the global management console - through Partner, Ceesoft or Client
  • No additional administrative fees - related to the purchase of the device
  • Management / configuration / reporting - using the online console
  • Pay as you use - The Partner pays only for the licenses that the Customer activates in a given month; no fees for unused licenses
  • The minimum value of the pre-order: Endpoint Protector - 1 license
  • Freedom of settlement between the Partner and the Customer - the possibility of monthly, quarterly or annual settlements
  • Aggregated volume - the more active licenses, the lower the price for licenses for the Partner
  • Payment after settlement
  • No minimum period of use
  • Financial benefits - price aggregation
  • OPEX planning (operating budget), in contrast to the traditional CAPEX model (investment budget)

Detailed information is provided by Bakotech.

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