Best free Antiviruses 2018 recommended by AVLab for home users and small business

The list of the best free antiviruses for 2018 year prepared by the AVLab editorial team is a summary of the entire 2017 year and previous years. Recommended free anti-viruses securing small businesses and individual clients have been gathered in one place, granting each solution evaluation and appropriate recommendation of AVLab. A brief review of each of these programs was created thanks to many years of experience in conducting tests, market knowledge and the industry itself from the inside. We admit that the reader may not agree with the opinion given, therefore, in case of any doubts, we encourage you to take a discussion in the comments.

So what is the best free antivirus? It all depends on what we understand under the words "best" and "anti-virus". The market for security products is really great. If every manufacturer indicates the strongest points of their solutions, then by multiplying this information by the number of suppliers, we get an unimaginable portion of data through which the potential customer has to get through. This is a really difficult task, so the real art is to choose the best-suited protection solution.

We assume that the reader, when encountering our ranking, often struggled with the choice of security software. People are largely guided by emotions (even when choosing an anti-virus). Sentiment to the brand, good or bad experiences of other users, personal preferences - all this is important, but it may not matter if the PR team properly plays on feelings, affecting the client's reason. Testing is not without significance. As AVLab - a company specializing in tests and professional reviews - we present a slightly different approach to verification of security effectiveness than other laboratories have accustomed users to for many years. When choosing the best free solution, we recommend a cool calculation. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to take a discussion in the comments section.

Best free Antiviruses 2018 for business and home users

For the software to be included in the list of free security solutions recommended by AVLab, it had to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have a free license for the retail market. We did not include commercial software from the promotion for "PLN 0" and free trial versions.
  • Have a free license for commercial use.
  • To have real-time protection, so we excluded scanners on demand.
  • Characterize with at least decent protection. We did not consider products with the poor protection.

The following opinions (mini-reviews, general recommendations and final assessment) are dictated not only by the results achieved in various test categories. We have been guided primarily by many years of practice in testing and reviewing security products. We reserve the right to own and independent opinion supported by extensive experience in the industry in which we specialize. If the reader does not agree with the assessment, we ask for constructive criticism in the comments.

Here are the best free protection programs for the year 2018 recommended by the editors of AVLab for the year 2018 (in alphabetical order).

360 Total Security

  • Country of origin: China
  • Used technologies: own, Bitdefender, Avira
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: English

Polecane darmowe antywirusy 2018  - 360 Total Security

The 360 Total Security antivirus software became memorable after its producer was caught by AV-Compratavies on cheating in tests . It was in 2015 when the Chinese used the Bitdefender technology and their own (QVM engine) in their product. The second and not least bother of the Qihoo producer was designation of a file with a virus as trusted , which has been included in the signature database 360 Total Security, infecting users' computers. Two to three years have passed since these incidents. The producer has paid for his errors in marketing.

If we were to point to the strength of 360 Total Security, then thanks to the use of two technologies from reputable manufacturers, it is a high efficiency of protection. In synergy, two independent engines provide very good protection in the browser. The modularity of the anti-virus is an additional advantage to install the third party software indicated by the Qihoo community indicated in the competition. Thanks to its own engine (QVM) and the engines of two European companies Bitdefender and Avira, the undisputable advantage in favor of 360 Total Security is the priority signatures of attacks and threats adapted to our geographical region. Paradoxically, Chinese software with European technologies can more effectively detect threats from Europe, both Americas and Asia.

The producer offers another product for free - 360 Total Security Essential, which, unlike 360 Total Security, has been deprived of modules to optimize system performance, check Wi-Fi network security and installed applications for gaps.


360 Total Security has four operating modes: "Performance", "Balanced" (default), "Security" and "Custom ". For security reasons, we recommend choosing the "Security" mode. Two engines from Bitdefender and Avira also have a greater demand for resources. The manufacturer recommends the installation of 360 Total Security on computers equipped with at least 2GB of RAM. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the mode "Custom", which allows you to manually adjust the anti-virus to your preferences and your hardware configuration.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena 360 Total Security

We recommend 360 Total Security software to individual users who agree to display advertisements in the anti-virus and suggested to install commercial software from companies cooperating with the Qihoo producer.

Adaware Antivirus Free

  • Country of origin: Malta
  • Technologies used: Bitdefender
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Avaware Antivirus Free

Lavasoft's Adaware Antivirus Free arouses mixed feelings. Adaware Antivirus Free uses, after all, Bitdefender technology - a manufacturer that for many years has been one of the leading suppliers of security technologies in the antivirus industry. Unfortunately, the free version of Adaware Antivirus Free has been deprived of what is the most important in antivirus software. We will not find here monitoring of network activity and eliminating threats before they reach the computer. It is also vain to look for protection against threats in e-mail messages and filtering network traffic processes. There is also no active control monitoring the behavior of malware, ie heuristics. There is real-time protection based on the signatures of Bitdefender. It is definitely not enough to effectively protect data and operating system against modern threats. Lack of protection scanning the content of the resources being opened in the browser will not compensate even for the installation of the Bitdefender Trafficlight extension that protects the user from harmful content while browsing the Internet.


Users are advised to use only commercial Adaware software. We recommend choosing a different solution from our ranking if the offer of a free Lavasoft solution proves to be inadequate.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Adaware Antivirus Free

Adaware Antivirus Free is such a disabled version of Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. Adaware Antivirus Free only provides basic protection and takes the last place in this ranking.

Avast Free Antivirus

  • Country of origin: Czech Republic
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Avast Free Antivirus

In our list of free anti-viruses for 2018, Avast Free Antivirus is the most-chosen protection for computers in Poland. Avast Free Antivirus owes its popularity to considerable expenditures on well-managed marketing - even in previous years when the effectiveness of protection left much to be desired in the tests. From version "17", that is from the premiere at the beginning of 2017, much has changed for the better. The manufacturer has improved its own protective technologies and performance. He encouraged users with additional extensions to basic protection and did not rest on his laurels against emerging trends in the development of new ways to secure computers.

The default configuration of Avast Free Antivirus is not the best. In the program options, it is worth to include "additionalsystem hardening" and change the mode from "moderate" to "aggressive". The hardened protection mode launches an unknown file in a virtual environment, analyzing suspicious changes. If the antivirus does not detect suspicious behavior in "moderate" mode, it runs an unknown file in Windows. It can have catastrophic consequences. In turn, in "aggressive" mode, if the analyzed threat does not show malicious indicators, and in the manufacturer's cloud it is not whitelisted or has a bad reputation, it will be blocked after initial analysis. Paradoxically, the mode "moderate" is sometimes more paranoid than the mode "aggressive", because it can block trusted programs that display similar characteristics to malware. Such potentially malicious indicators in the Avast cloud are ignored in "aggressive" mode, because this mode is based on the technology of white lists of files and programs.

The "aggressive" mode is the most secure and proactive method of blocking new malicious software and 0-day threats that can deceive anti-virus technologies. We want to make readers aware that "aggressive" setting can sometimes cause problems to less technical people. For example, specialized software that is used by a small group of the Avast community can be blocked due to low popularity. Such a program can be added manually to exceptions, therefore the "aggressive" mode is the most secure and suitable for Avast Free Antivirus.

The biggest flaw of Avast Free Antivirus software is too many messages encouraging to switch to a paid plan. The installer in the default mode adds all modules, even commercial ones, which after clicking the free version of Avast Free Antivirus encourage you to take advantage of the premium offer. Performing activities such as improving performance, attempting to use SecureLine VPN, selecting a ransomware shield or a webcam shield, displays a window with the offer to purchase a license for Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier.


For better protection, we recommend enabling the "system cure" option and selecting the "aggressive" mode. The installation process should deselect commercial modules. Users who have already installed Avast Free Antivirus can uninstall unnecessary modules in the "components" tab. Like other European security software providers, Avast Free Antivirus users are prioritized against threats emerging in Europe.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Avast Free Antivirus

The Avast Free Antivirus software with the "aggressive" mode is recommended to users who expect the antivirus to be well protected and quickly respond to emerging threats. Thanks to a network of over 400 millions of devices, the manufacturer is able to guarantee this.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

  • Country of origin: Czech Republic
  • Technologies used: Avast
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - AVG AntiVirus Free

At the beginning of October 2016, we wrote about Avast Software's long-term plan of taking over AVG Technologies completely. The effects did not have to wait long. Two months later, we saw new AVG anti-viruses with engines from Avast . According to our information, AVG AntiVirus FREE is under the hood of almost Avast Free Antivirus. Except that in a different graphic layout. There are many similarities between the Avast and AVG products:

  • the AVG installation window is very similar, but devoid of commercial modules known from Avast Free Antivirus;
  • commercial modules are not installed by default, but information about them is in the anti-virus interface;
  • advanced program settings are a faithful copy of Avast Free Antivirus settings;
  • Browser and email cover are the same technologies that are implemented in Avast Free Antivirus;

The similarities end there. AVG AntiVirus FREE unfortunately does not contain the much-needed curing system. This significantly affects the effectiveness of protection against unknown malware.


The reader who feels the difference between AVG AntiVirus FREE and Avast Free Antivirus should choose Avast software. Although Avast Software did not give any official announcement regarding AVG antivirus, we suspect that over time, programs marked with the AVG logo will lose their importance, eventually disappearing from the market. At the moment, such a decision would not be beneficial from a marketing point of view.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena AVG Antivirus Free

AVG AntiVirus FREE is recommended to users attached to the AVG brand. Otherwise, we recommend that you install the free version of Avast, which with hardened protection mode offers better security performance.

Avira Free Antivirus

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus software has always maintained a good level of protection. Once, the free version was very popular in Poland. Avira's products even had an official forum in Polish, which was run by security enthusiasts. Avira was one of the first to treat potentially unwanted applications as a real threat. The manufacturer maintains this trend to this day. Unfortunately, for several years we have observed that Avira anti-viruses are becoming more and more heavy. This is particularly noticeable after installation, when we try to open one of the tiles. In them, we find the settings of anti-virus protection, as well as additional commercial modules encouraging the purchase of a VPN service. The new interface, although visually appealing, is not very well optimized. Competitive solutions are simply faster.

In recent months, threats classified as cryptojacking are particularly troublesome. It is worth noting that the Avira Browser Safety browser module not only protects against malicious IP addresses and domains that spread malicious software. The extension can detect and block tracking scripts, ads and scripts digging cryptocurrency eg "hxxps://". In the case of ad blocking we are dealing with a list provided by AdGuard. It is a great pity that the user does not have access to the census of isolated domains. As much as you would like to complete the URLs and advertising providers with a list of Polish advertisers. However, Avira Browser Safety makes it much easier to interact with non-technical users. It is a pity that the Avira Browser Safety module, which is implemented in the Avira Free Antivirus software, is not yet a standard. The producer reports that in the first three months of 2017, Avira products have detected 1.4 billion threats. And this is also good news, paradoxically.

One manufacturer's decision deserves to be noted. After our tests to check the protection against fileless viruses , the manufacturer decided to activate off by default protection against macroviruses. This feature is available in the heuristics settings.


If the reader uses shared resources on the local network, we recommend that you enable disk scans in the network location. Avira uses a file cache cache, scanning only new or updated data. The option to scan files in network folders is in the "Real-Time Protection" settings. The "Monitor network drivers" option must be activated there. It is also worth strengthening the heuristic by setting the AHeAD technology (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) to an aggressive level.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Avira Free Antivirus

We recommend Avira Free Antivirus software to users who appreciate German reliability, multi-million community and a company with many years of tradition and experience.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

  • Country of origin: Romania
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free excluding commercial uses
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Both the producer and the distributor of Bitdefender software for Poland do not hide that Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is not a program on which users should rely in every situation. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition as a lightweight tool provides only basic protection. Protects against malicious websites that distribute malware while browsing websites, as well as against malicious files that are downloaded from the Internet. Thanks to a huge community of over 500 millions of users, the manufacturer was able to build a huge database of malicious sites and files, which every time refers to the installed Bitdefender software on users' computers. Such a large community can not boast of even Avast Software after the acquisition of AVG Technologies. It is also more than the users of Kaspersky Lab and ESET put together. The manufacturer, with such a huge database of information about threats, could afford to provide software that uses metadata of threats in the cloud, but at the same time deprived of the most important modules. Experimenting with different markets, which Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is designed for, certainly does not hurt the image of the company. On the contrary, it can encourage undecided clients to Bitdefender software.

You have to remember that Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is unable to cope with all threats. The program does not have such extensive functionalities as commercial Bitdefender antivirus, therefore it should be supplemented with at least Bitdefender Safepay secure browser for online banking. The distributor in Poland has provided us with information that Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition was created for users in South America, where it has a good chance of success.

The characteristic feature of Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is unrivaled protection in the browser. Users of other antivirus programs who want to see the effectiveness of detecting threats and the size of the malicious database can install the free Bitdefender Trafficlight extension, which is available for the most popular browsers. All Bitdefender products (including Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition) have probably the most effective protection at the level of HTTP and HTTPS protocols due to the large number of users.


In addition to enabling and disabling and excluding from scanning files or directories, it is not possible to interfere in the Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition protection settings. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition provides only basic protection, so the reader interested in extending protection to other attack vectors should try the commercial version of the test and read the detailed review and tests Bitdefender Total Security 2018 prepared by AVLab.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

We recommend Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition software to users who want to try the capabilities of Bitdefender products and expect the anti-virus to work without any maintenance, as well as uncompromising protection in the browser.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free, also for commercial use
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Comodo Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Antivirus will allow you to enjoy a safe and resistant system to almost any type of malware and threats - with the exception of cryptocurrency excavators running in the browser. Especially for them, we recommend installing the uBlock Origin extension, which not only blocks ads (which may contain malicious redirects), but also JavaScript code that uses the processing power of the processor.

The undeniable advantage of Comodo Cloud Antivirus is the automatic sandbox known from other Comodo solutions. In fact, the automatic sandbox module plays a leading role in the Comodo software. Thanks to the containerization of new and unknown threats Comodo Cloud Antivirus is very effective against unknown malicious code as well as suspicious program installers. Automatic scripts that use shells to run in the sandbox CMD and PowerShell are not able to do any damage to the system.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is not just an auto-sandbox. It is worth noting and other technologies developed by Comodo, which are available in free software. First of all, it is Viruscope, which monitors the running processes. Allows you to restore settings if the Comodo antivirus detects the modification of essential system components. In addition, the file security verification is carried out based on the reputation in the cloud. Browser settings are also protected against malicious modification.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus really contains two automatic sandboxes. One of them is the local one in the operating system. The second one works in the cloud - it's an original sandbox called Valkyrie (the name comes from the name of the mythological daughter of Odin, the god of Vikings). In a sense, the Valkyrie resembles a well-known VirusTotal service - in the Comodo Cloud Antivirus software, the analysis of a suspicious file involving the Valkyrie runs without human intervention. The system is also available in the Comodo ONE business product, where it is available in two subscriptions: free of charge with basic analysis and payroll, which gives the IT specialists more detailed reporting and technical support of the Comodo engineer in case of serious infections.


Today, not only traditional malware is a serious threat. There are processors under fire, hence the performance of operating systems and applications. For better protection, we recommend installing the uBlock Origin or NoCoin extensions that prevent unauthorized use of the processor cycles. For people with more technical knowledge, we recommend going to the sandbox settings and individual decision whether to allow or block Internet connections (and in which directions) for applications running in the sandbox.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Comodo Cloud Antivirus

We recommend Comodo Cloud Antivirus software to individual users expecting uncompromising protection using modern techniques of fighting threats. Thanks to the free license, even in commercial applications, micro and small companies can enjoy an increased level of protection in relation to other programs described in this ranking. All Comodo products (free and commercial) carry out the heuristic analysis of scripts run in the back row. This technique of security evasion is already used by most advanced malware spreading through NSA exploits.

Comodo Internet Security

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free, also for commercial use
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - COmodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is a powerful tool to protect your system against 0-day malware and hacker attacks. Comodo Internet Security as a fully-fledged security package often outperforms the effectiveness and functionality of commercial products of other companies.

In the Comodo Internet Security software, in addition to an advanced anti-virus engine with implemented technology for automatic detection and classification of threats, we find much more functionality. Among the most significant are: an automatic sandbox for running suspicious files that the antivirus engine and cloud scanning could not identify as trusted on time. Comodo Internet Security also has a "safe shopping" module. This functionality allows you to run a virtual environment for online transfers. The virtual desktop can be used to run unknown programs or installers. The user, having at his disposal a full-fledged system that operates "next to" the Windows system, can, without fear of security, run, for example, suspicious attachments, checking their harmfulness.

According to the AVLab editorial team, one of the most undervalued modules is a firewall. In this respect, Comodo has a lot to offer. It has a specialized firewall to scan Internet traffic, which protects against ARP spoofing attacks. Advanced users will surely appreciate the creation of very detailed rules for applications and packet filtering. Graphical representation of processes that refer to online resources is an additional value.

As befits a top shelf product, the Comodo Internet Security package has a website scanner. In protecting against unknown threats, the origin of files (Internet, external disks, network resources, etc.) is very important, which are treated with an increased risk of potential infection. The supporting module is cloud analysis (based on black and white lists) and HIPS monitoring system and application activity. The Viruscope module is a common feature of Comodo Cloud Antivirus - it is a behavioral component for analyzing and monitoring processes for potential malicious changes. Viruscope can reverse malicious changes to system settings.

Few people know that the Comodo Internet Security antivirus can be managed from the console in the cloud in the Comodo ONE Home Edition solution. This solution is intended for individual users. The protected systems include Windows, Android and iOS. An additional advantage of Comodo ONE Home Edition is the function of remotely removing installed applications and monitoring the status of devices, including the use of RAM and disk space in real time. In the case of theft, it is possible to remotely locate the stolen device, send an alarm sound command, block the device or clear the data.

Is there anything else we can add to the Comodo Internet Security shortcut? Comodo has proven to be a supplier of top-class technology - read how Comodo Internet Security protections were difficult to overcome even for CIA hackers .


Our tests against fileless viruses (known as fileless) proved that the default settings of Comodo Internet Security allow access to the network of viruses running in the sandbox. For example, if through the functionality of "Protected Data Folders" the folder with files is not added to areas inaccessible to viruses in the sandbox, it is possible for the attacker to remotely interfere with files on the hard disk. We recommend paying attention to this by adding critical folders with data to the list of "protected data folders" in the HIPS module settings.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is recommended to individual users and in particular to micro and small companies that receive a very high level of protection for workstations for free.


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free, also for commercial use
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - FortiClient

FortiClient software is intended for cooperation with hardware Fortinet UTM and NG Firewall solutions. Only then does he show his full potential by offering, among others antivirus module with three types of signatures (Basic, Extended, Extreme), IPSec and SSL-VPN encryption, application firewall, WAN optimizer, integration with FortiSandbox platform that detects threats and analyzes data in various protocols and functions, or even customizing the company logo and interface color. Otherwise, FortiClient as a free anti-virus software will only scan files downloaded from the Internet and files copied within the hard disk. The main advantage of FortiClient is a very effective internet scanner that allows you to configure access to websites based on the content category.

Although the FortiClient product is intended mainly for business, it can be successfully used at home and in small businesses. The reader must know that the functionality he receives after installing FortiClient Free, provides only the basic need for comprehensive protection.


It's worth taking a look at advanced settings. The default for FortiClient antivirus is the exclusion of "Enable exploit prevention", "Block communication channels used by hackers" and detection of more sophisticated threats ("Dynamic threat detection using threat intelligence data") . An additional option recommended for inclusion is "Scan removable media on insertion", which is responsible for automatic scanning of USB drives.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena FortiClient

We recommend FortiClient software to users who want to block websites based on a category (eg pornography or social networks).

Kaspersky Free

  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free is based on advanced technologies that constantly demonstrate the best results in independent tests (and according to AVLab tests on filelless samples provides very good protection). The software is devoid of monitoring the activity of programs installed in the system. Kaspersky Free uses the Kaspersky Security Network network to obtain information about the reputation of files and applications. By processing information about threats in the cloud (with all devices protected by Kaspersky Lab's products), it is possible to respond faster to new threats and reduce false alarms.

In terms of the demand for computer resources, Kaspersky Free performs very well. Only a few years ago, many users complained about Kaspersky Lab products being too absorbing RAM and CPU memory. At least two versions of Kaspersky Lab have done something that other manufacturers could copy. AV-Comparatives performance tests confirm that the software has become one of the better management of computer resources within two years of a heavily burdening system.

You have to remember that Kaspersky Free is such a castrated version of this company's premium products. Kaspersky Free does not have a firewall that filters network activity. It does not have webcam protection to prevent tracking or blocking of network attacks. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of monitoring of malware, eg ransomware through the "System Control" module, which is only available in Kaspersky Lab's premium packages. "System Check" collects data about program activities on a computer and provides this information to other modules for better protection. In Kaspersky Lab's commercial programs, rollback can be initiated by file protection or scanning, but the rollback is carried out by the "System Check" module. And since Kaspersky Free of the "System Check" module does not have, withdrawing malicious modifications, eg after a ransomware attack, is not available in this product.

The distinguishing features of the Kaspersky Free product are protection of opened and modified files, protection of messengers that scans messages for malicious links, and e-mail protection. Scanning websites for phishing and malicious resources, including dangerous scripts is another value that we pay attention to. Although Kaspersky Free has significantly fewer modules than the commercial packages of the company, the lack of extended protection is still catching up with the KSN network, which collects anonymous metadata about threats from more than 400 million communities.


Kaspersky Free is optimally configured. We have no comments about the default settings. The software installed on the pre-defined options scans files in real-time on the hard disk, in network locations and on removable devices. The reader can experiment with a more aggressive configuration of heuristic analysis, which, if it does not affect the speed of the computer, can be set to "medium" or "detailed" level.


>Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Kaspersky Free

We recommend Kaspersky Free software to individual users as well as micro and small companies. For over 20 years, Kaspersky Lab has been providing the highest-quality protection technologies. Specializes in detecting ATP attacks, securing critical infrastructure of banks, industry, public institutions and consumers around the world. Experience and a large database of threats can block most of the advanced threats and attacks. In the event of failure, you have to accept the fact that it is a free product that does not have such extended protection as Kaspersky Lab's paid products.


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Used technologies: own (Cisco), ClamAV (Cisco)
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Immunet

The Immunet brand of anti-viruses belongs to Cisco. Immunet's anti-malware software uses two heuristic engines in the cloud and local signatures borrowed from the ClamAV antivirus. The ClamAV, like Immunet, is in the hands of the same company. The ClamAV antivirus was created by our compatriot. In 2000, Tomasz Kojm at the University of Torun (in Poland) began work on the author's open-source anti-virus project currently used by technological giants, including Google, which scans files for threats in Dropbox, Google Drive Gmail and others. ClamAV also uses Facebook and Apple. This engine is mainly used in cloud applications and as a scanner in mail servers in the Linux system. ClamAV also used the Iranian enrichment facility Uranus, which after the attack of the worm Stuxnet implemented protection based on ClamAV, using its own signatures.

In the test carried out by AVLab regarding protection against fileless viruses, Immunet did not obtain any certificate confirming the effectiveness of detecting and blocking such viruses in the slightest degree. Which does not mean that the Immunet software is not suitable for anything. The program monitors the installed programs and run applications at the system startup in real time. Based on two engines in the cloud: ETHOS uses heuristic to analyze files launched and downloaded from the network. Information about threats correlates with a database in the cloud thanks to the nearly 110 million community. The SPERO engine, on the other hand, uses machine learning to detect threats. When there is a break in access to the Internet, the user is protected by ClamAV signatures.


The biggest disadvantage of ClamAV is not the best protection against new threats. We recommend turning on "Blocking Mode" in the anti-virus settings. In the cloud, Immunet will verify the security of the programs and files being launched before they are allowed to run. This can slow down the copying of large files or installing applications, but provides a much greater level of protection than the default settings.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Immunet

In the company version, Immunet is available as Cisco AMP for Endpoint and integrates with Cisco AMP for Network. Unfortunately, this is a paid product.

Panda Free Antivirus

  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Panda Free Antivirus

Free antivirus Panda Free Antivirus advertised as "The lightest free antivirus" was first made available in 2009, although the technology "cloud scanning" was developed by the manufacturer Panda Security two years earlier. The manufacturer has several significant achievements - he is a pioneer in technology that uses cloud computing. He was the first to release products using a proactive defense system and a behavioral scanner, and as one of the first in the industry, he used the cloud file scanning service. At the time, it was an innovative approach to protection, which was rewarded by a high rate of detection while maintaining a minimal impact on the performance of the computer. Today, a developer that does not collect risk metadata from clients' computers is actually in a losing position.

In Panda Free Antivirus we find blocking threats based on behavior and heuristic analysis, as well as detecting potentially unwanted applications. On the plus side, we monitor the URLs to which the running process is accessed. This is very important in the context of a fileless infection and all other malicious files using the command line. As the detection of unknown threats is carried out in the cloud, the Panda Free Antivirus antivirus can delay programs running for 30 seconds, which it can not immediately obtain information on the security status. In the "Antivirus" module settings, it is possible to shorten the analysis time to 10 seconds. The manufacturer does not recommend this change. The value of 30 seconds is optimal for threat analysis. Instead, it is possible to add a folder or file to exclude from scanning, but at your own risk.


We have no comments. Most of the weight needed to verify the security of files and URLs is transferred to the cloud, therefore the settings of the Panda Free Antivirus antivirus minimally allow for personalization.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Panda Free Antivirus

We recommend Panda Free Antivirus software to users who expect modern cloud protection. The community of over 30 million users of Panda Security software in 180 countries around the world decides to respond very quickly to APT attacks, 0-day threats and new ransomware samples.


  • Country of origin: Singapore
  • Used technologies: own, ClamAV (Cisco) and a dozen other antivirus engines in the cloud included in the UniversalAV technology
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - SecureAPlus

SecureAPlus regularly receives very good marks in our tests. Such high efficiency is due not only to the UniversalAV technology that verifies the state of file security based on a dozen or so anti-virus engines. The SecureAPlus program works perfectly with filel-free viruses and other malicious software using the command line.

The real advantage over traditional Anti-Virus SecureAPlus lies in a completely different approach to protection. Not as in the case of stereotypical anti-viruses (based on the behavior of an unknown file or dynamic analysis), but with the use of trusted file lists and trusted certificate providers. Data security is interactively verified by the user based on information about the checksum, digital signature of the file, as well as the certificate suppliers collected by the manufacturer.

Ok, but how do you know if the file is safe or harmful? First of all, SecureAPlus software is available in Polish, so the use of the tool is much easier. Secondly, SecureAPlus automatically scans all system files on the hard disk after installation, creating a secure database of files that have a digital signature of verified suppliers. If the user downloads a new file or tries to open a mail attachment, SecureAPlus will display a notification depending on the situation:

- The file that contains the digital signature of the provider on the SecureAPlus list of trusted vendors will run without any message.

- The file containing the digital signature of the provider, which is not in the list of trusted certificate providers in SecureAPlus, will display a message informing about the security of the file. The program will wait for the user to decide: whether the file will unlock and trust the certificate provider or whether the file will continue to block. In addition, the user can send a file to be scanned in the cloud by a dozen or so anti-virus engines. In response, he will receive a threat detection rate similar to that of VirusTotal.

- A file that does not contain a digital signature in advance is treated as a suspect. SecureAPlus will display a clear message asking if the file is still blocking or running. And just like above, the user can use UniversalAV technology, which is an indicator of detectability of threats based on several dozen antivirus engines in the cloud.

- The last situation is a clearly infected file that has been detected as harmful by the local offline scanner. SecureAPlus uses the ClamAV engine, which currently belongs to Cisco. In this situation, the program will display information and wait for the decision: quarantine, deletion, one-time ignore or ignore permanently.

SecureAPlus in the hands of an experienced user is a powerful tool in the fight against malware. The program works very briskly and does not cause performance problems. This is one of those programs that have recently been very positively surprising with the effectiveness of protection. The disadvantages of this product include appearing messages when installing legitimate programs. SecureAPlus analyzes the behavior of running scripts, including CMD and PowerShell - the command line uses malware and legitimate application installers, so SecureAPlus can display messages during these steps.

We have prepared a detailed review and test in the article " Turn your antivirus into SecureAPlus ".


The program is optimally configured and works in interactive mode, querying the user during uncertain situations. For additional protection in the browser, we recommend installing the uBlock Origin or NoCoin extension. This first not only protects against scripts that use processor cycles, but also blocks ads and malicious hosts included in the domains involved in displaying malicious ads. The latter only serves to block scripts that copy cryptocurrencies.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena SecureAPlus

We recommend SecureAPlus software to people who expect a security program to combine traditional cloud scanning technologies with modern technologies of white lists and trusted certificate providers.

Sophos HOME Free / Premium*

*Sophos HOME installs itself in the Premium version by default. The user has no influence on this. Sophos HOME Premium automatically switches to the Sophos HOME Free version after 30 days.

  • Country of origin: England
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Sophos HOME

Sophos HOME is very gentle with computer resources, so it can be installed on less efficient configurations. It uses only proprietary technologies developed by its manufacturer, including the intercept module known from the Sophos business products. This module is based on a neural network and learns patterns of detection of unknown malware. The distinctive features of Sophos HOME include advanced protection against ransomware that spreads with various vectors - including recently very popular ones - using NSA exploits. Sophos HOME software is not even scary such ransomware variants that damage the Windows MBR boot sector and the file partition table.

Sophos HOME is especially useful in the context of 0-day vulnerabilities or software that is not updated or simply can not be - if it has been abandoned by the manufacturer. The Office package, the Skype communicator and all popular browsers, including Firefox extensions, are protected against exploits. Sophos HOME includes a secure banking module, whose effectiveness is confirmed by MRG Effitas tests. Sophos HOME is also a good class scanner that detects connections to potentially malicious IP domains and CC & amp; servers, as well as the legendary Sophos Home Clean (formerly known as HitmanPro) integrated with anti-virus. Unfortunately, all this is available only for 30 days after installation.

Sophos HOME installs itself in the premium version by default ( see comparison ). After a month, the software automatically loses its functionality by going to the Sophos HOME Free version, where it is deprived of the most important security modules. In fact, without commercial modules about Sophos HOME Free, we can not say that it is worth recommending to AVLab. In most of our tests, the free version did not even get enough ratings.

Sophos Home Free includes a very friendly and intuitive parental control module. It protects the operating system against threats in real time, although this protection lacks the most important additional components against ransomware and exploits. The free version also includes protection in the browser using the huge database of black lists of malicious domains from SophosLabs, thanks to which the user can be sure that he does not connect to threatened or unsafe Internet resources.

To use Sophos HOME, you need to set up an account in the web console. It is necessary because the anti-virus configuration is only possible through remote agent communication with the cloud. In Windows it is only possible (unfortunately) to run a scan. Other functions and anti-virus configuration are not available to the user in the system.


Sophos HOME offers only basic protection. If the reader wants to become familiar with Sophos' technologies, we strongly encourage you to set up an online account. To maintain a high level of protection, you should install another security program after 30 days from our ranking or buy a premium license to enjoy the technologies used in the Sophos business products that gain very high marks in independent tests.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Sophos HOME

We recommend Sophos Home software in a free version to users who want to secure the configuration of anti-virus against younger siblings and people who are looking for parental controls with categories of websites. It is important to remember that for the first 30 days we receive comprehensive protection that would have a much better rating in our ranking. When the trial period ends, we recommend switching to a paid plan or installing a different solution.

The producer advertises Sophos HOME as a "Business-class cybersecurity" product. Business class protection is not available in the free version. After 30 days, the effectiveness of Sophos HOME protection loses its importance.


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Used technologies: own, sandbox Cuckoo Sandbox in the cloud, dozens of antivirus engines in the cloud
  • License: free, including for non-profit and educational organizations except for commercial uses
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - VoodooShield

While traditional anti-virus software can not keep up with all new vectors and attack techniques, VoodooShield has no problems with that. It's extremely effective against exploits. By limiting the launch of new processes initiated, e.g. by a browser, it does not allow to perform a binary charge as a result of exploiting the vulnerability. Although VoodooShield uses a list of secure files, in contrast to software based only on white lists, it creates a much more effective and solid blockade, offering several levels of protection. In the free solution, immediately after installation, VoodooShield creates a small static list of running processes. In the paid plan, the mechanism of creating the white list is extended additionally with the register, folders and programs used.

VoodooShield is not a traditional anti-virus software. It is also not a traditional protection solution using white lists of files and programs. VoodooShield can not even remove viruses from already infected systems (although according to the manufacturer, this functionality may appear in the next versions). The real potential of VoodooShield is hidden in white lists of files, rules developed by the producer and the user, as well as snapshots of the most important system areas. Thanks to the combination of several independent technologies, VoodooShield, with the help of a patented technology, tightly closes the whole operating system against hackers and malicious software.

VoodooShield uses its proprietary proactive approach to protection. It has a patented mechanism of automatic switching into a state of increased protection. By default, it works in "SMART" mode. The intelligent mode switches the protection to "ON" or "OFF" depending on whether the user is using Internet applications. In the protection enabled mode ("ON"), VoodooShield is based on the developed rules: critical system processes and programs from the "%program files%" folder allows you to automatically start up, minimizing the number of messages virtually zero. As befits modern software, VoodooShield uses a cloud in which it stores a white list of allowed programs and what's interesting - secure commands on the command line. Malware that attempts to download an additional resource from the network, for example, or unpack virus modules using CMD or PowerShell will display a warning. And if the user runs the executable file, he will receive information from automatic scanning using dozens of antivirus engines. Then, in the same window, he can decide whether to block the file, leaving it in place, move to quarantine or run in the Sandbox sandbox - an online service ( similar to VirusTotal and created by security enthusiasts. The Sandbox Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source project. With its heavily modified version, VirusTotal uses it to analyze file and URL security.

If VoodooShield switches to "OFF" mode, it will not protect the computer in the traditional sense. This mode is selected automatically when you install programs that you do not want them to add to the whitelist. Additionally, in order to be convinced in this mode about the (un) security of the file, you do not have to run it. VoodooShield has an on-demand scan function. In response, the user receives information on the status of infection based on instant analysis of dozens of antivirus engines in the cloud (it works really fast). Similarly, when running scripts or suspicious commands on the command line - VoodooShield will display a warning with information about the digital signature of the file that launched the command in the interpreter. Unfortunately, VoodooShield does not display detailed information about the name of system commands, programs, files or parameters of these commands entered on the command line. Such information would be helpful and interesting from a technical point for advanced users.

The last mode recommended for players and users who do not want to be bombarded with messages, but expect the maximum protection, is "AUTOPILOT". In this mode, VoodooShield automatically adds to the whitelist files that have been verified as safe by scanning in the cloud. If the file being checked is not on the manufacturer's whitelist and has at least one negative detection as a virus, VoodooShield will display a warning that will allow you to decide what to do with the file: move to quarantine, run in the sandbox for analysis or add to the whitelist.

Does VoodooShield need a lot of computer resources for your work? Absolutely not. VoodooShield is extremely lightweight. It does not scan anything in the background - on-demand scan operations and executable files are run in the cloud. Other potentially malicious actions, such as running scripts or programs, are based on white lists created by the manufacturer and user rules.


Although VoodooShield provides an extremely high level of security not only against drive-by downloads, local execution of executable suspicious files or attachments, it does not protect against the JavaScript code running in the browser for digging cryptocurrency. It also does not protect against phishing or malicious content on websites. For this reason, we recommend adding the uBlock Origin or NoCoin extension to the browser, as well as the Bitdefender Trafficlight scanner for uncompromising protection. The scanning technologies in the browser along with VoodooShield will probably not be a barrier.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena VoodooShield

We recommend VoodooShield software literally to all users who have a bit of technical knowledge and are not afraid to experiment. VoodooShield is not based on signatures or behavioral analysis, so it can be installed next to another anti-virus. VoodooShield can completely replace traditional anti-virus software, far outweighing the effectiveness of protection available in this ranking of security solutions.

Windows Defender

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Used technologies: own
  • License: free, also for commercial use
  • Language: Polish

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - Windows Defender

Windows Defender software as an integral part of Windows systems protects against malware and, more recently, against exploits and ransomware. It works with the system SmartScreen function, which analyzes downloaded files from the network, as well as applications from the Microsoft store in terms of source, check sums and black file list patterns that Microsoft provides to Windows Defender in the form of signatures.

As befits antivirus software, Windows Defender works in real-time protection against spyware, trojans, fake installers or even potentially unwanted applications. Windows Defender in terms of functionality offers quite a lot. All program settings are available in the Windows Defender Security Center, which contain the configuration:

  • Parental control settings to configure hours of active use from your computer.
  • Device performance and maintenance settings that report device status for installed updates, drivers, and hard disk space availability.
  • Firewall module settings.
  • Application control settings, which includes:
    • Windows Defender SmartScreen filter, as an additional protection to help protect users from unrecognized applications and files downloaded from the Web, as well as programs downloaded from the Microsoft store. SmartScreen, although it effectively protects against suspicious files by alerting you when no digital signature exists, it can generate false alarms by blocking legitimate downloaded programs or installers;
    • Protection settings for explits.

Windows Defender in the second half of 2016 obtained in poor tests poor or average assessments determining the overall effectiveness of the product. We've been seeing improvements for at least a few months. In tests that mimic daily use on executable samples Windows Defender performs well. In more specialized tests that use real attacks, Windows Defender does not give an example. For most industry IT portals, it is referred to as "better than nothing" because it lacks basic protection mechanisms at the firewall level and more advanced techniques for analyzing malicious code and scripts in Windows. Protection in the system browser is also not very good, especially if we're talking about detecting malicious content and JavaScript miners.

Windows Defender can be used for free in companies. However, you must remember that it does not have a central console. The extension of basic functionality is the commercial product Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). According to the manufacturer's information, Windows Defender ATP is installed on approximately 2 million devices around the world.


Windows Defender has protection against threats that encrypt files. Unfortunately, this feature is disabled by default. We recommend enabling "Protected folders", which by default protect files in the user's main directory from unauthorized modification. If necessary, the user can indicate any location of protected files on another partition or hard disk, and decide whether, for example, a little-used software used for work should have access to modification of files that are stored in the protected area.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena Windows Defender

If the user does not want to pay for antivirus software, in our ranking of recommended free antivirus for 2018 there are better positions that can guarantee almost perfect protection against malware.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

  • Country of origin: Israel
  • Used technologies: own (Check Point), Kaspersky Lab
  • License: free except for commercial uses
  • Language: English

Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

The anti-virus software "ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall" is a response of Check Point company specializing in providing network security to protect individual users and home administrators who would like to protect their privacy and entrust system security and data stored on hard disks to a manufacturer with many years of experience in creating reputable technology. Check Point is known for its high quality solutions and level of security, which are confirmed by constant presence in the Gartner square and very high scores in the NSS Labs tests. Check Point solutions secure 100,000 companies and 90 million users around the world.

he distinguishing features of "ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall" are:

  • Kaspersky Lab antivirus engine.
  • A proprietary firewall that protects your HOSTS file against modification. It protects against; Internet attacks, and also allows you to configure restrictions for the application's access directions to the network. Its effectiveness is confirmed by two tests carried out by AVLab, where the commercial software ZoneAlarm received the award.
  • (In paid versions) Browser protection thanks to the ThreatCloud threat database. It is a huge organized network to fight cybercrime, which provides data on threats and attack trends based on a global network of threat sensors. The ThreatCloud database contains over 250 million addresses analyzed for bots detection, over 11 million malware signatures and more than 5.5 million infected websites. It identifies millions of malicious programs daily.


In the free version there is no protection against online threats and technology to verify threats based on the Check Point ThreatCloud cloud. It is a big loss. There is also no protection against 0-day attacks and unknown threats hidden in attachments and downloaded files from the Web. We will not find an anti-keylogger here. For the above-mentioned reasons, we recommend installing the uBlock Origin and Bitdefender Trafficlight extensions. In addition, in the firewall module settings, we recommend turning on protection against attacks that poison ARP tables.


Darmowe antywirusy 2018 - ocena ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

The "ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall" software is recommended for individual users who want to achieve an acceptable level of protection for free. Unfortunately, the free version does not contain the most important protection components, thanks to which ZoneAlarm Extreme Security obtained the best result in tests carried out by AVLab.

General recommendations from AVLab

The list of free antivirus recommended for the year 2018 from the editorial team of AVLab contains probably all popular and above all free security solutions for Windows. Some of them provide very tight protection thanks to the departure from traditional scanning techniques. In turn, others combine tradition and modernity.

Solutions that have received at least a good rating (4) can be boldly recommended by the AVLab logo and the "Recommended" certificate, provided that the user adjusts to the recommendations, improving the default settings to those that we believe provide a better level of security. The recommendation from AVLab is given:

Best free Antiviruses 2018

  • 360 Total Security
  • Avast Free Antivirus
  • Avira Free Antivirus
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
  • Comodo Cloud Antivirus
  • Comodo Internet Security
  • FortiClient
  • Kaspersky Free
  • Panda Free Antivirus
  • SecureAPlus
  • VoodooShield
  • ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

Regardless of the software that the reader decides to install, we recommend:

  • Performing a full scan once all disks have been installed. Thanks to this, the computer's security status will be verified at the very beginning and the antivirus itself will work more efficiently.
  • Installing an extension to browsers of the uBlock Orogin tool that blocks ads, JavaScript code that uses processor cycles to extract cryptocurrencies or a special NoCoin tool designed to protect against cryptojacking threats.
  • Installing additional protection in your browser. We especially recommend solutions Avira Browser Safety and Bitdefender Trafficlight , which do not cause problems with false alarms, do not slow down the loading of websites and guarantee very high efficiency against malicious content, domains initiating drive-by downloads and cryptocurrency excavators, even on websites seemingly "safe" (green padlock):


If you have any questions or suggestions, you want to ask about the security preferences of the editor-in-chief of AVLab, or do not agree with the rating - please comment.

To the readers of this ranking, we suggest that they should not only be guided by the assessment. In order to make the final choice, we recommend that you read the tests of other independent laboratories that use various methods and techniques for testing antivirus software. In addition, decisions in the choice depend on personal preferences, the availability of necessary functions, effectiveness, impact on system performance, interface design, price, ease of use, compatibility, language, technical support and more.

Free security solutions do not meet your preferences for security? We recommend you to read the paid products recommended by AVLab:

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