Beware of cheating on Facebook. "Check how many penalty points you have."

Every day, when browsing various internet portals, we come across interesting and original, but also primitive messages that immediately arouse us and distrust us. One of such attempts to extort information or cash is the latest SCAM, which appeared on Facebook a few hours ago and under the cover of checking penalty points, the driver extends from their victims PESEL number, name and saves them to the premium SMS service for PLN 30.75 gross.

The domain was registered on September 29, 2015, and the site itself is hosted on German servers.


Do you really know how many penalty points you have in your account? When will the points cancel? If you do not know, just use our service. Do not risk and check how much you lack to lose your driving license.

Do you want to find out how many penalty points you have? You will find out online! 

"Check how many penalty points you have on your account. Driving license penalty points. "This is the name of the website where we are supposed to check the information about the penalty points for various traffic offenses.

The site is prepared correctly in terms of Polish. Immediately it strikes you that the content was developed by a person who speaks Polish. We will not find any phrases translated before the web translator.

When verifying such sites, first of all, we should start with whether the site is encrypted and whether the SSL certificate has been bought from a third party or if it was generated by the website's author on the data of the fictitious company. In this case, the page is not secured, so entering any confidential data, i.e. the PESEL number, name and surname will be at least unreasonable.

In the next step, even after making the data available to the fraudster, we are asking to send an SMS with the content ag.get to the number 92550, in turn the rules of the SMS service purchased at Karcz - Provider Kamil Karcz clearly says that the cost of such a one-time SMS will cost PLN 30.75 gross.

Warn your friends that they will not be fooled by this SCAM, which is a scam of trusting someone and then using that trust to get money or other private information.

We will receive information about penalty points only at every police station.

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