Beware of crooks who suggest a job

If you are our readers, we ask you to instruct your friends, parents and family who are currently looking for a job, to watch out for online mistisers and jugglers. Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in security and they do not know that they can fall victim to cheaters and frauds in a very simple way.

As reported by, swordsmen feed on people with difficult material situation by offering them a job. In fact, they are not recruiters, but only try to extort valuable personal data, telephone numbers and information about bank accounts. Usually, such messages take the form of:

Hello, due to the large response, please download, complete and return the form because technically I am not able to arrange an interview with all interested.
In the event of successful recruitment, he will be contacted by e-mail or telephone
Thank you and best regards Karol Kalinowski
Form address: http: // *********************

I am looking for office help
The duties of the person employed will include:
- Organization of the office
- Collection of courier parcels
- Answering phones and arranging meetings.
We expect candidates from:
- Education min. average
- Availability from 9:00 to 15:00
We offer:
The rate is PLN 15 gross / hour
Employment under a contract of employment.
contact: ***************************

Of course, fraudsters use a lot of social engineering manipulation to extort personal information from their victims. Samy, you've probably witnessed similar spam in which the liars suggested downloading the necessary documents and gave them a link, however, the problem was that these documents were only available after sending an SMS to the premium number, which automatically added the owner of the phone number to paid recurring subscriptions , which ended up getting a daily paid message devouring the phone account available funds.

We are sensitizing to pay special attention to senders. In such cases, try to verify the company that the sender represents each time. A respected employer should provide contact numbers and the address of its registered office as well as the National Court Register (KRS) number - although this last point is not mandatory.

And the last most important rule - never, but never pay for sharing documents and do not send a transfer to a "symbolic" amount to verify your identity.

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