Bitcoin digging in the parking lot - analog ways to get virtual money

An old saying says that money is on the street. The recent event in Germany shows that this is indeed the case, and Bitcoin digging is even possible offline.

QR B-code - Bitcoin digging

An unusual advertisement containing a QR code was located in a parking lot in Germany. The scanned code redirected the user to download the plug-in for Chrome and FireFox for Bitcoin digging.

The extension "Cryptotab" has been analyzed by the employees of the anti-virus company G DATA and the good news is that the additive itself does not contain any harmful elements, but two issues are obvious. First of all, when installing the user must answer the question if he wants to install an item under the name "mybit". Mybit is a standard search engine available as part of the Firefox browser, which will be added to the built-in list and set as default.


After installing "mybit", the search content will be presented in the results of Yahoo. Here, the experts have determined that all data entered in the search field is sent to the authors of the add-on.

If you are wondering why someone has taken the trouble and sent an ad for the add-on to dig cryptocurrencies in a paper version, the solution to the puzzle is the QR code. The authors of the extension use the affiliate marketing strategy, i.e. the form of selling services or products via a link embedded in the QR code: when a new plug-in user is obtained, the partner receives a commission of 15% of the cryptocurrency acquired by the end-user.

For our part, we recommend caution when scanning QR codes. If you do not have to, just do not do it, because the manipulated QR code can be used to attack or download malicious applications.


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