BitDefender 2018 now available in the official Polish update

Users who use older versions of the software Bitdefender, already in the next few days will be able to automatically update your software Bitdefender 2017 to 2018 version. For the impatient there is a Setupthat run will uninstall the older version and install it later.

This year's programs contain more features and better protection. The list of changes is really big:

1. A completely new feature is monitoring application access to webcams (worth a look into the settings and turn on notifications when you try to access the camera by any application).

Well explained the operation of the protection of the camera will allow less technical users to better protect against loss of privacy.

2. Users of mobile system iOS now have the ability to install Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS App Store.

3. Changes had a double layer of protection (Advanced Threat Defense and Threat Intelligence Platform) to detect threats ransomware – in 2018 is enabled by default. This allows files less technical users will be protected before encrypting without look for antivirus programs settings.

On the protection of the user folders by default, manufacturer long told to wait. Finally, it is.

4. In the new version the opportunity to automatically scan connected drives and devices. It is worth with this protection use now, because mobile devices are still a source of the spread of viruses.

It is very good that the manufacturer decided to by default, enable automatic scan connected devices.

5. Improved threat detection programs. Anti-spam company Bitdefender has been thoroughly tested by AVLab. Detailed information on this topic are available in this article.

6. Improved Parent Assistant module, which allows you to discreetly control websites and content seen by children. The Assistant, if necessary, has the ability to block access to unauthorized parties.

7. Improved file encryption, protecting them even further from falling into inappropriate hands.

8. Improved password storage manager, which has gained the ability to copy this information directly into the Web browser.

Password Manager requires that you install a plug-in for your browser. It is very easy. Each deal with this handle.

9. Improved file shredder, you can permanently and securely erase files, and documents.

10. Improved scanner Internet traffic that will move freely on the network, without the risk of infecting the equipment.

Very useful features. Interestingly, all are enabled after you install the program.

In addition, Bitdefender solutions users will find a lot of useful extra tools:

1. Browser Bitdefender Internet protection for Safepay banking (read detailed review).

2. Vulnerability Scanner, which will detect and alert the user about the lack of Windows security patches, will show new versions of installed programs ( browsers, media players! and graphics), and will propose to change the password router configuration and system if you are found to be easy to guess.

Underrated, but very necessary module detects vulnerabilities in your system and installed programs.

3. Wi-Fi Protection Advisor check if a wireless network, which connects the device is properly secured.

4. The legendary scanner before the parties of phishing and scam (HTTP and HTTPS).

5. module optimizes the Windows from unnecessary temporary files, that is, the remnants of installers, or Windows Update.

New versions of Bitdefender 2018 will provide users with an effective antivirus protection. Make programs Bitdefender is a top-class technologies to protect against malicious files – this is not only tests, but reviews from satisfied users, which is more than 500 million (more than Kaspersky Lab and ESET combined).

Comparative table displaying the differences between the new versions for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS (Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018, Bitdefender Internet Security 2018, Bitdefender Total Security multi-device 2018 and Bitdefender Family Pack) is available on the manufacturer. More information about prices and programs Bitdefender is located on the side of the

All programs from Bitdefender, you can test for free for one month, assuming a free account at Bitdefender Central, in which manages to owned licenses.

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