Bitdefender BOX available, but still only in the US

In December 2014, we reported to the information that the Romanian antivirus software Bitdefender, introduced to its portfolio a unified device Bitdefender BOX, which was to cooperate with Wi-Fi routers.

The device equipped with a single-core 400 MIPS microprocessor, 16 MB Flash memory, 64 MB DDR2 RAM, two 10/100 Ethernet ports and a built-in wireless card with 802.11b / g / n standards, acts as a guardian of network traffic, preventing hackers from hacking and malware.

Today we were able to find out that Bitdefender BOX is still intended only for the US market, and rumors about launching a distribution channel for Europe do not reach us or the Polish Bitdefender distributor - Marken Systemy Antivirusowe.

How does Bitdefender BOX work?

The installation of the device itself is very simple. The customer can choose its type:

a. automatic, where Bitdefender BOX simply connect to the LAN port of a compatible router, use a dedicated application and enter only data (login and password) to log in to our Wi-Fi router. Bitdefender BOX will configure itself automatically.

b. manual - in the case of routers incompatible with Bitdefender BOX, ie those that will not allow for automatic configuration (see ad a.), just connect Bitdefender BOX to the LAN port, log in to your router and disable DHCP and use dedicated an application that will guide you through the installation process.

c. bridge mode (connection of two routers wirelessly and wired), in which it is enough to connect the cable from ISP to Bitdefender BOX to the WAN port and use a dedicated application that helps to go through the installation process.

After connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, any device operating under the control of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, as well as the device Internet of Things, game consoles, etc., will be protected by Bitdefender BOX, which transmits network traffic from the device to outside and in the second scan. Connections will also be scanned, which will be blocked when attempting to connect to malicious URLs and unsafe IP addresses.

Malicious software, malicious e-mail links and unauthorized incoming packets that could indicate attacks and other potential threats will also be blocked. Bitdefender BOX intercepts and scans basic parts of data packets for known and malicious patterns using the Bitdefender cloud, uses the machine learning technology developed by the BitDefender manufacturer to keep devices away from viruses and hacker attacks.

In addition, the above-mentioned devices running Windows, Mac, Mac, iOS and Android may have a lightweight agent installed, which not only communicates with Bitdefender BOX and the Bitdefender cloud, but also detects outdated operating systems and proposes remote deployments.

And what about local protection? Agents will protect devices even from threats carried on mass storage devices. Thanks to this additional layer of protection, devices in the LAN / WLAN network are safe, both against online and offline threats.

Protection outside LAN

When the computer is outside the local network, the agent will be able to establish a VPN connection through Bitdefender BOX using the agent. Thanks to this, all traffic will be analyzed for security even outside the home. This will increase protection against eavesdropping and modification of sent messages to which the user is exposed after connecting to unsecured networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots. In the future, Bitdefender plans to implement the parental control function in BOX, which will enforce restrictions due to the installed agents.

The number of devices covered by agent protection is unlimited. You have to pay a lot for Bitdefender BOX, for as much as 199 dollars + customs - the device is currently only sold in the USA.

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