Bitdefender Education Package - at the service of education

The antivirus vendor Bitdefender has introduced to its offer a package that is intended for all educational units (schools, kindergartens, universities, universities, libraries, educational and educational facilities, etc.). This package is available at an attractive price, as part of its price is covered by the producer as part of its educational program.

Bitdefender strives to ensure that all students, students and teachers are protected with the best security solution - against inappropriate content, browsing the Internet, writing e-mails and other threats that can be found on the Internet.

This solution can be easily managed from a browser - the console allows remote installation of anti-virus software, configuring protection and updating. At the same time, it does not require specialized knowledge - its settings can be managed not only by an advanced administrator, but also, for example, an IT teacher.

The application installed on the computer has been designed to protect the system quietly and discreetly. Because the security settings of each computer are centrally controlled from the console on the manufacturer's server, the user does not have to perform any actions - you can remotely enable its scanning, block the ability to browse selected pages, etc. Depending on the settings in the management console, users can run on-demand scan, update and view security events.

Bitdefender cares for the protection of all computers in the school - no matter if they work on a Mac or PC - all are covered by the same license and can be managed from the same management console. Additionally, it can protect all school servers as part of your license.

More information on the Educational Package can be found on the official website of the Bitdefender brand distributor in Poland: The package is available from the official distributor and its business partners.

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