Bitdefender GravityZone 2016 - antivirus artificial intelligence for spring in Polish distribution

In the spring, the latest version of the Bitdefender GravityZone security solution will appear on the Polish market. The update introduces new features to increase flexibility, allowing the customer to choose from four categories - Endpoint Security, Virtual Environment Security, Exchange Security and Mobile Device Security. However, the basic feature will remain an easily accessible, locally managed console.

GravityZone from Bitdefender is a highly developed security solution dedicated to medium and large enterprises. The operation of the GravityZone system is based on the proprietary, neural computer network protection system (so-called BRAIN - Bitdefender Reflective Artificial Intelligent Networks), which can be called artificial intelligence of our time.

The system designed in this way reduces the risk of danger at every protected endpoint, regardless of its geographical location. GravityZone is great for quick deployment and can be launched in just a few minutes thanks to the automatic self-configuration module, also supporting the performance of physical systems during their scanning.

The producer in the latest version of the product commits to introducing technological changes taken a step further than usual by implementing elements designed specifically for securing virtual desktops and maintaining e-mail servers based on Microsoft Exchange. What's more, the company is implementing a peripheral control module that helps the administrator to solve security policy problems for devices connected to the computer. These mechanisms consist in creating a list of approved USB devices that can interact with the device. All except the agreed set will not be combined.

Bitdefender, will show us its main advantages, above all during physical machine scanning processes. This process does not run entirely on the scanned device, but is transferred to another dedicated center. In this way, it effectively minimizes the load on the scanned machine. In addition, the product integrates the new VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and has components designed to combat desktop-specific threats in data centers. According to the head of Bitdefender Security Strategy Catalin Cosoi:

"The new generation of GravityZone combines a carefully planned series of new technologies that set new directions in the field of security together with improvements developed with our clients, which are a tribute to them. The offered product meets the needs of companies based on their own virtual environments with accuracy, fulfills their very strict standards and high performance requirements. The beta tests are proving to play an important part of the whole process, and the manufacturer offers his gratitude to all who show assistance in testing it. "

GravityZone prices depend on the number and type of modules installed, the number of endpoints that should be protected and the types of scanners.

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source: Bitdefender

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