BitDefender GravityZone rates and availability

In the first part we have presented an overview of the solutions:

  • BitDefender Business Security GravityZone, which will benefit small businesses,
  • BitDefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security is dedicated to medium-sized companies,
  • BitDefender GravityZone Enterprise Security is recommended for large companies in the Enterprise sector and the Very Large Enterprise.

The second part has thrown some light on the ways of implementation and management capabilities, the third part provedthat Bitdefender not coincidentally WINS already good few years best places in all tests carried out by independent laboratories. In addition to the advantage of the product of the Romanian manufacturer speaks one of the world's largest infrastructures, which provides security solutions for customers around the world. Antivirus Bitdefender reinforced are reflective model algorithm and machine learning-extract patterns of malicious code protection in real time on the highest world level by the way form a network of 500 millions of devices that generate server manufacturer 7 billions of search queries every day.

However, if Bitdefender GravityZone actually is as good as he is painted? If you need [...]:

  1. Advanced and scalable anti-virus protection for servers and Windows, Mac and Linux
  2. Protection for virtual workstations and servers working under Windows, Solaris, Linux,
  3. Protection for the virtual infrastructure, including machines and servers
  4. Access to the Admin Panel from anywhere in the world, and easy-to-manage security policies,
  5. Your On-Premise with local management centre provided as an image for the most popular hipervisorów,
  6. Protection for Android devices that solve problems with BYOD.

[...] and at least one answer Yes, then the solution should your check GravityZone Bitdefender business-starting with the lowest, that we cannot afford to maintain your own server and employment a skilled administrator, such that, for every day struggling with problems of security devices workers, where computer viruses can lie on them everywhere: on the Web, spam, transmitted between computers memory mass, and even in seemingly safe websites. After the medium-sized companies, which use virtual working environment VDI, for which Bitdefender has prepared something special-Security for Virtual Environments (CVE)-protects the data centers and production environment differently than competitive products for the same tasks. To the best companies and data centers, in which the number of computers and servers is in the hundreds or even thousands.

In addition, by opting for a program you might want to check it in your own company. The manufacturer guarantees a free 60-day trial period during which you can sign up for free training.
SRP price selected solutions from 25 to 49 protected devices:

  • BitDefender Business Security GravityZone, which protects workstations, file servers and virtual environments, is available for 84 dollars net/1,
  • BitDefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security protects workstations, file servers, Exchange servers, virtual environments, mobile devices, in the same periods for 117 dollars net/1.
  • BitDefender GravityZone Enterprise Security is the package in which you can select software components, that can protect: workstations, file servers, virtual environments (workstations and servers), Exchange servers, mobile devices, and their price depends on the number of components and devices.

Of course, prices quoted are suggested by the manufacturer and may vary considerably depending on the size of the company and assigned discounts.
More information about Bitdefender GravityZone:

Important: Existing customers can use for free with a new, updated the console for free. To migrate to the new version GravityZone please contact our customer service via the website

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