Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Sophos and Symantec are unrivaled in business protection

Summary of April AV-Test tests brings several surprises. In the latest report, the products of Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Sophos and Symantec obtained the highest TOP-PRODUCT distinction. Literally, F-Secure, G Data and a new player on the Polish cybersecurity market, Seqrite Endpoint Security, have been scarred by a special certificate.

For people who do not follow the tests on an ongoing basis, we must remind you that with the beginning of 2016 AV-Test slightly changed the methodology, for the first time since 2013. The changes concern the special "AV-Test TOP-PRODUCT" certificate and the test hardware platform performance. Now, if the anti-virus will get at least 17.5 points out of 18 in six tests (6 for protection, 6 for performance and 6 for usability), then the following grant will be awarded.

Before 2013, the program needed to get at least 15 points to get a certificate confirming its effectiveness. At that time, every antivirus vendor was required to work harder for detection, performance and usability. Currently, to get a certificate, the product must only get 10 points. In addition, an antivirus that achieves such a weak overall result, but its protection will be significantly weaker than other providers' programs, then the "validity / prestige" of the certificate will have the same meaning. We can accurately visualize the results of the programs, which obtained notably good results, but the certificate was still granted to them.

AV-Test TOP PRODUCT certificate

The new "AV-Test TOP-PRODUCT" award is a return to the roots and to the times when only the best programs got confirmation of their effectiveness.

Security solutions that have achieved the highest AV-Test TOP-PRODUCT distinction:

Name Protection Utility Efficiency points
Bitdefender Endpoint Security 6.2 6/6 6/6 5.5 / 6 17.5 / 18
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.2 & 10.3 6/6 6/6 6/6 18/18
Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 6/6 6/6 6/6 18/18
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.7 6/6 6/6 5.5 / 6 17.5 / 18
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 6/6 6/6 5.5 / 6 17.5 / 18
Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud 22.8 & 22.9 6/6 6/6 5.5 / 6 17.5 / 18

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