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By systematically carried out by the German lab AV-Test the malware statistics, users of all operating systems are potential victims of 390 thousand threats every day. This number may not be reflected in reality, but you should know that even the smallest code change affects the individual sample new threat taken into account in these statistics. And Yes, respectively, in the year 2014 we have witnessed more than 140 million new threats, while in the year 2012 be less than 38 million. Now we are approaching the first catch of the year 2015 and already far analytical tools Sunshine and APLREF have identified 60 million new samples of malware.

These figures surely are more a reflection of the increasing in every area of our lives IT Consumerization, that affects the rising number of infections of equipment and the same malicious code that takes all kinds of distribution vectors . Cybercriminals do not rest on our laurels and slowly move away from traditional methods of spreading the malware to more sophisticated methods. At the same time, the most dangerous malware for business are still all kinds of spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, but above all for some time, leaders in this respect are crypto-ransomware. According to the report, the Fire-Eye, criminals in the year 2013 managed to cash in on the Cryptowallu-the successor of Cryptolockera distributed by botnet GameOver Zeus (see. 2 weeks Left to get rid of viruses from computers-the C & C Server GameOver Zeus temporarily disabled) more than a million dollars and that in only 9 months. This is undoubtedly a "success", but in this method, you should pay attention to something else – now one of the more dangerous viruses attacking companies are not traditional varieties of malware, but mentioned previously, crypto-ransomware. Due to the unique features of encrypt not only files on the local disk, but also on the connected network drives, they pose a threat to sensitive company data using at the same time, the weakest link safety chain-plain the employee.

And precisely because of the increase in phishing threats, the choice of antivirus software should be a very important aspect when you create a security policy. Contrary to what the experts say pointing to different disabilities in antivirus programs, they tend to compete with the virus in the first line of Defense. And as recent history showed the "Nigerian scam" (see. As the European and Asian logistics companies nabierano on Nigerian scam?), anti-virus protection remains long even necessary.

Low TCO and high potential

About all these aspects of the threats mentioned not without reason. The Polish distribution went because solution targeted for small, medium and large companies under the name of Bitdefender GravityZone, that is the answer of the Romanian manufacturer on the increased need to protect virtual infrastructure VDI, including virtual machines and servers. According to a study carried out by Poland Cloud Services Market domination "cloud computing" in Poland we are constantly evolving. Only to the year 2017 sale of cloud-based IT services will grow by 4.7%, while all the expenses related to the "cloud" will increase by as much as 27%.

Worth a mention if only because the software Bitdefender GravityZone is provided both in the model SECaaS (Secufity as a Software) with access to the Web-based admin console hosted on protected servers and as the solution On-Promise (internal company's server) with the same local management centre, but based on the virtual device, provided as an image for VMware vSphere hipervisorów-OVA, Citrix Xen Server – XVA, Microsoft Hyper-V VHD-; Kvm, Oracle, RedHat EV-TAR. Bz2.

BitDefender designing GravityZone tried to support for companies of all sizes:

1. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security will benefit small businesses. In return, customers will receive a scalable anti-virus protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux servers, protection for virtual workstations and servers working under Windows, Solaris, Linux with both for the console in the cloud, and the local console, which integrates with the Active Directory Directory service and connected to the domain computers.

2. Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security is dedicated to medium-sized companies. This solution has been enhanced to protect Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers, the protection of mobile devices running under Android and iOS (only if the customer selects a version of On-Premise) and local central scanning protected machines. In its current form, the solution will enable mobile only systems management GravityZone Bitdefender after you install on the server virtual machine image for the most popular hypervisor. The manufacturer has already announced that in the future the Bitdefender Cloud Center-Web console also will offer such opportunities.

3. In turn, the most extended version of Bitdefender GravityZone Enterprise Security is recommended for large companies, Enterprise/VLE and in addition provides support for data center, under the control of running tens of virtual servers.

However, despite the indications of differences, all these solutions operate within one of Bitdefender GravityZone, allow so customers a scalable approach to protection without going to a "higher"-simply purchase a license and enjoy additional features.

And at this point, you must pay attention to one very important thing. One of the components of protection GravityZone- Security for Virtual Environments (SVE) protects data centers and production environment differently than competitive products for the same tasks.

BitDefender seeing demand for protection of virtual resources prepared a solution in the form of the finished image of a virtual machine (virtual appliance) SVE, which ensures the protection of focal points by using the virtual server without the participation of the traditional preventive measure in the form of anti-virus agent installed on each virtual machine.

The manufacturer claims that this is how they move the "weight" of the local antivirus to a virtual server (EVS) with which each virtual machine connects to saving the same allocated its precious resources. The unique and patented protection uses multi-layer caching mechanism to access resources in such a way that on each virtual machine is maintained local cache, which, on the basis of the cache from the virtual server Security decides whether to scan the files, registry, memory and processes.

The exact details of what the system requirements and the same solution can be found on the website and

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