BitDefender Total Security 2016 BETA now available

Known throughout the world for its excellent Romanian antivirus engine manufacturer Bitdefender has just published a new product Bitdefender Total Security 2016 in beta. The manufacturer tried to refresh the graphical interface, the improved performance of the firewall, completed package to protect anti-ransomware, integrates wallet (Wallet), which can now go ahead to replace the popular service to store passwords Lastpass and gave into the hands of customers online license management panel and protection.

New arrivals

1. New and improved online panel with basic features can now be used for remote issue of basic commands installed antivirus programs. From Bitdefender Central it is possible to run a computer scan, vulnerability scanner and system optimizer. The changes will appreciate parents and caregivers who use the application deployment Bitdefender Parental can protect your children from the dangers of the Internet and social networks.

2. Firewall has been redesigned completely from scratch. As the manufacturer claims, changes that positively affect the performance and stability of antivirus, what they notice first of all people with weaker hardware configurations.

3. However, from the point of view of the protection of the most important new module is Ransomware File Protection, whose function is protection against malware encryption documents, photos, and important files in General. Ransomware File Protection apparently also protects against unknown yet samples of various lockerów. Simply point to the location of important files, and Bitdefender with user-defined paths to the files/folders will protect them by limiting access to untrusted applications.

4. The last entered the change is the integration of wallet Wallet responsible for storing sensitive information, auto-login to your favorite websites and generate passwords. Wallet integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and with Bitdefender Safepay-secure virtualized browser that acts as an extra layer of protection when you use online banking and shopping Online.

Fun fact: Bitdefender Safepay was "liberated" two years ago and can be installed as a stand-alone application on each computer absolutely free.

Stable English version and antivirus software is planned for the end of August or beginning of September of this year. Do not know yet whether the Internet panel Bitdefender Central will be polonized.

Finally, Bitdefender 2016 will be also licensed under a Multi-Device to protect Windows, OS X and Android.

Details are available at:

We remind you that this is a BETA version, which may include larger or smaller errors. So far, the following are known bugs:

1. Login with Google, Facebook, Live ID is not supported
2. Anti-theft not available
3. Paranoid mode not included
4. After creating a new account, the product is still valid even if no subscription is attached to the account
5. When switching between accounts, the device card is displayed incomplete in Bitdefender Central
6. Sing in a new message displayed in the widget and system tray after successfully signing into the product
7. Wallet doesn't inform the user that banking data is not synced across devices
8. Wallets window is not refreshed after adding/synchronizing wallet
9. Active wallet isn't locked when switching account
10. Wallets can't be deleted
11. The modified entries in wallets are not synced across devices
12. Wallet does not save/fill login credentials on Gmail
13. Send emails general rule can be set on the Deny, but emails still get sent
14. Remote desktop connection general rule can be set on the Deny, but the device can still be accessed
15. Parental for Android not available
16. No support in Parental for adding exceptions on websites, apps or keywords
17. General Parental settings are not available
18. Parental deployment can be done only on PCs with Bitdefender Total Security 2016 installed
19. Facebook likes, new events and personal information changes don't appear in the child timeline
20. Child interaction with friends is not available
21. Child activity settings are not available

Source: own, Bitdefender

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