A brief history of how Facebook helps the police

Last week, the blog about the security, run by the manufacturer Bitdefender, was published the story of a burglar, which should be a warning, also for other users who are not on the contrary with the law.

Logan Hale, 21, from Polk Vounty, Florida, was wanted for a burglary, so it's no wonder that the photo from the file was posted on the facebook page of the Florida local sheriff.

Under the pseudonym "Logan Nareszcie Free Hale", the criminal teased the police:

"Hey, here I am .... The services are still looking for me, and they are frustrated that I can not be located. "

The official account of the Polk county sheriff's office had no qualms about the burglar, sincerely invited him to visit the nearest police station:

"The search may lead to the need to change your pseudonym with" Nareszcie Free "to" Nareszcie za Kratkami "- the smartest move would be to report to the nearest police station. You can also call us, we will be happy to provide transport. 863-298-6200. "

This last comment gathered hundreds of likes from other Facebook users.

Of course, the burglar did not think about what he was doing. The more he teased the police through social media, the news of his search became larger and increased the chance of catching him. Undoubtedly, the whole action was also accelerated by the information about the $ 500 prize.

Certainly, everyone can imagine how this story ended. Of course, the burglar was caught.

Interestingly, sheriff Grady Judd announced this news through his Facebook page, writing a short rhyme:

"Logan Hale, you're on your way to jail. Your attempts to hide were ineffective. What a failure! "

Unfortunately, we are not able to give in our language the tones and malice of this poem.

However, the moral of this story should be clear. If we do not want everyone to know about what we do, or where we are, we should think twice about what we publish on Facebook. The option of locating the place from which the post was written may be a valuable hint for burglars and other people who have not necessarily good intentions towards us.

source: Bitdefender


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