Ceesoft and Bakotech together for the SaaS distribution

Bakotech informs that due to the company's development and the introduction of solutions based on the SaaS distribution model (Security as a Service), it opens a new SME department dedicated to hosted services.

The Bakotech offer based on SaaS means a new business model of software delivery, without the need to incur large expenses related to one-time purchase of applications, investment in equipment, costs of software implementation in the company and employee training. In the SaaS model, the only cost of using the application is the subscription fee (monthly) in the form of pay-as-you-go - only for active licenses in a given month. This means predictable costs and no additional fees for upgrades and new software features.

The products offered by Bakotech within the SME department include two types of solutions at this moment: the anti-virus system Webroot devoted to the protection of end devices and dedicated to preventing spam servers from unwanted messages from the SpamTitan anti-spam system. In the next quarter, the Distributor plans to expand the distribution of services with the WebTitan solution - a network gateway that allows the filtration of Internet content.

As part of the new Bakotech offer, an SME partner can become any trading partner who will sign a partnership agreement with a distributor and purchase the first licenses. It is worth mentioning that in addition to access to a free management platform, no activation costs, system maintenance and administration fees, the Partner will receive additional benefits in the form of a larger affiliate discount with more active licenses.

The distribution of SaaS services under the new SME department will be developed by a daughter company founded by Bakotech, operating under the name Ceesoft.

For more information, please visit www.ceesoft.pl and contact e-mail: [email protected] and telephone: +48 12 376 95 08

source: Bakotech

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