Check Point and AirWatch want to secure the future of mobile technology

Companies specializing in network security are joining forces to face cybercriminals. The result of their cooperation are solutions ensuring a high rate of detection of threats at the level of the device, application and network.

Cyberattacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated, and their purpose is often to become the most sensitive elements of the corporate network that mobile devices seem to be. This is why a comprehensive mobile security strategy is so important, which will be closely related to the wider network security infrastructure. In connection with the growing threats from cyberterrorists, Check Point decided to co-create the front, being one of the founding members of the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance. The main task of the "attorney" is to develop new methods to ensure the security of an increasing number of devices that connect to corporate networks and give access to corporate data, and create a comprehensive solution that will neutralize threats before they become a problem.

Over the last decade, mobile devices have been not only the driving force of business development, but also one of the greatest threats to their security. A report by the 2015 Security Report published by Check Point shows that 91 percent of respondents reported an increase in the number of mobile devices that are private ownership of employees and used to connect to the corporate network.

Anxiety is aroused by the fact that almost half of these companies do nothing to control this situation and secure the devices. The study also showed that existing solutions are insufficient, and IT departments have limited security monitoring capabilities and are unable to detect and actively counteract advanced attack methods.

- Cooperation with Check Point allowed to create a comprehensive platform, enabling our clients to deal with the dangers to which mobile devices are exposed today - said Noah Wasmer, vice president and technical director of End-User Computing, VMware. - We plan to improve and enrich the functionality of our common solution in order to be able to offer our customers products equipped with an integrated security system.

Under the new agreement, Check Point has integrated its own Mobile Threat Prevention solution with the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management ™ platform . This integration has allowed to create the best-in-class solution in the field of mobile device security, enabling companies to use such key advantages of the Check Point solution as:

  • Innovative technology, ensuring the highest detection rate of threats;
  • The only "enterprise" class security system that detects threats at the device, application and network level;
  • Operation that does not require user intervention, provides secure connectivity through instant detection and removal of security threats for mobile devices.

- Due to the rapid increase in the number of devices operating within corporate networks, used to run company applications and having access to corporate networks, it is necessary to ensure their security under the same conditions as companies using mobile technology today - said Nadav Peleg, director safety department of Check Point mobile devices.

- The joint venture of Check Point and AirWatch is the expression of our consistent commitment to provide enterprises with the most comprehensive solution to ensure the security of mobile devices, and at the same time provide information on the threats that allow the company to shape its security policy more consciously.

source: Check Point

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