Check Point, Palo Alto, SentinelOne, Webroot and Symantec join VirusTotal

VirusTotal, a service that verifies the security of files, mobile applications and websites, has been joined by several producers with their proprietary solutions.

Recently, by scanning or searching for checksums of files in VirusTotal, we can come across:

Check Point Software Technologies engine. Their products for individual users are not particularly popular in Poland, but the award-winning protection, which includes among others: advanced antivirus software, advanced two-way firewall, browser protection, threat emulation, searching for stolen devices, or even a module preventing keyloggers, can meet the need for comprehensive protection of many grumpy and fastidious users.

Webroot scanner based on machine learning. Webroot, unlike competing products of this type, is a pioneer in its category: protection of the new generation. The American antivirus, instead of relying on static and generic signatures of malicious files and processes, uses real-time monitoring and analysis of events occurring in the operating system. Using cloud-based computing resources, including behavioral scanning, it can capture any suspicious events that may indicate a potential threat. Such changes made to the system are saved to the user's local disk, which in the case of an infection can be restored to the initial state.

A scanner that was developed by Palo Alto Networks based in Santa Clara, California. Palo Alto is a well-known provider of next-generation security devices that protect devices based on secure application launches, preventing cybercriminals from operating. The engine developed by Palo Alto Networks for VirusTotal is a special software that uses all of the threat prevention technologies found in the company's products. The engine prepared for special requirements VirusTotal is not a product available on the market.

The Symantec Mobile Insight scanner will extend the security verification capabilities of mobile applications. The cloud-based comprehensive mobile security service has more than 50 million applications and statistical information on threats from Symantec's endpoints in its database. App Advisor technology can help users identify malware and other unwanted applications before installation.

Another scanner of the SentinelOne Scanner from the USA. SentinelOne is a machine based on machine learning. It is designed to identify unknown malware. It uses behavior monitoring and static analysis that can protect organizations from malicious programs, exploits and attacks on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Due to the possible differences in engines specifically designed for VirusTotal, this service should not be used for comparative testing of security products.

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