Check Point starts protection against malware for business mobile devices

On the sixth of August, Check Point presented Mobile Threat Prevention , a new mobile solution that allows companies to fight the threats currently affecting mobile phones. Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention provides access to threat data updated in real time and integrates with existing security.

Mobile devices are an increasing threat to today's companies. According to the Check Point report for 2015 ( 2015 Security Report ), organizations with more than 2000 devices on the network have a 50 percent chance that at least 6 mobile devices will be infected or will become the target of a network attack. Most businesses are unprepared to fight the threat that these devices represent for the entire corporate network due to the lack of tools that give adequate visibility and threat data.

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention provides the best protection for mobile devices for companies that need to manage and reduce the risk of BYOD strategies (Bring Your Own Device) and protect their employees against mobile cyber threats. This innovative platform, which has the highest detection detection on the market, is the only solution for companies that detect threats at the device, application and network level. Thanks to transparency for the user and immediate detection and removal of threats, it allows users to maintain a secure connection without compromise.

The key features of Check Point Mobile Threat include:

  • Comprehensive, advanced protection against mobile threats , including detection of suspicious applications, network and system threats. Dynamic response to threats blocks access of infected devices to your company's network resources and allows organizations to implement adaptive strategies based on unique settings to eliminate threats on the device
  • Full visibility of security risks and data allows security and mobility teams to understand the number and types of mobile threats that can impact their business. Real-time threat data is sent to Check Point SmartEvent and Check Point ThreatCloud, as well as to information security and event management (SIEM) management systems or to incident response systems to better monitor dangerous events and to analyze correlations with attacks on internal networks .
  • A cloud control panel that makes managing managed devices and controlling mobile threats quick and easy.
  • Seamless implementation and adaptation. Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention integrates with the company's MDM (Mobile Device Management) or EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management), thanks to which the introduction of advanced protection against threats on mobile devices becomes easy. Users have no difficult access to their devices because the system transparently manages the privacy and performance of the device. Once the threat is found, the user can easily and quickly remove them and then continue working.
  • High scalability and high implementation efficiency, thanks to which it is easier to manage mobile security in the corporate network.

"Mobile devices are entering companies faster than ever, and yet most organizations are unable to protect themselves and their users." - said Dorit Dor, vice president of Check Point Software Technologies' product division. - "Introducing device protection and protection against data leaks in a manner easily acceptable to BYOD users is the key to success. Thanks to Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, we not only offer our clients the most comprehensive protection of mobile devices under the control of iOS and Android, but also provide them with real-time data on threats, allowing them to better understand the overall security of their companies. "

source: Check Point

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