Comodo Partner Certification Session - report from the training

On the occasion of the January premiere of Comodo solutions for business in Poland, on behalf of the distributor of IT Partners Security sp. Z o. O. Focusing on the B2B sector, we had the opportunity to host the first training of the series "Comodo Roadshow Winter 2015" which took place in Katowice on February 27 2015. Participants of the meeting, ie current and new partners of the distributor, were able to familiarize themselves with new Comodo products in Poland to protect workstations and networks - here Comodo Endpoint Security Manager antivirus solution together with the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager administration console and a new generation firewall for comprehensive network security - UTM Comodo Korugan.

In the first stage of the Product Manager training, Daniel Ciepły presented the possibilities of Comodo Endpoint Security and CESM. He pointed out the practical aspects that CESM can compete with similar solutions for administering workstation protection. He presented a wide range of functionalities of the console and discussed the Comodo guarantee, which in the event of a computer infection provides for the reimbursement of losses incurred in the amount of $ 5,000 or 3,000 euros.

During the lunch break, the participants had the opportunity to talk to their partners and did not hide that face-to-face meetings are very important to them, not only because of acquiring new contacts, but also because of the friendly exchange and honest approach of the distributor to the solutions sold.

Thanks to personal meetings with partners, we can discuss the principles of cooperation and also get to know the partners' opinions on our solutions. We try to listen to our partners in order to improve our cooperation in every aspect. Our partners can always count on sales support and technical support for their clients.

As an IT distributor, we are also trying to expand our portfolio, which is important for the competitiveness of our company on the domestic and foreign market.

Comodo ESM products, thanks to their low purchase price for partners, are also an excellent opportunity to increase sales profitability, which we encourage. About our new products you will find out at: and - said the president of IT Security Partners Thomas Miklaszewski.

The second stage of the training was conducted by IT Manager Paweł Świtek and concerned the UTM Comodo Korugan solution. He presented the Korugana configuration options and compared the models Korugan 65, Korugan 90, Korugan 200, Korugan 300, Korugan 600 and Korugan 1000 in comparison to other producers' competitive solutions. A loose and friendly atmosphere meant that everyone felt like they were in an intimate circle, and the partners had no fear of asking uncomfortable questions.

The crowning moment of the event was to give each partner the status of "Silver Partner" in the partner program, bypassing the "Bronze Partner" threshold. In addition, each participant of the meeting received a set of materials and a "surprise gift".

Thank you to the training organizer - IT Partners Security for the invitation.

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