Comodo SecureBox will protect the Benseron PoS devices

Comodo, a global innovator and manufacturer of security solutions, has announced that Benseron, a Point of Sale (PoS) provider, integrates with its products the technology developed by Comodo - Comodo SecureBox, which will protect over 20,000 PoS devices around the world by isolating sensitive information exchange systems against potential attacks and information leakage from endpoints.

The patented Comodo SecureBox technology creates an additional level of protection by protecting software used, for example, in bank transfers or intermediating in information exchange at Point of Sale PoS, limiting access to indicated software and preventing potential data theft while free access to software by its users.

Comodo SecureBox (CSB) allows users to safely interact with critical applications on devices potentially infected with malware, such as corporate computers or sales points. CBS can effectively fight malware such as PoSejdon , which has been designed to steal data from payment cards (see more A new type of malware stealing credit card numbers from PoS terminals ).

PoSejdon malware consists of two files, a loader and a keylogger. When paying with the card for the purchased goods, data from the customer's payment card are read from the magnetic strip of the card, then they are processed by the PoS point, which communicates with malware infected by a work computer connected to the network. Malware during data exchange between the computer and PoS launches loader, which downloads from the C2 keylogger server, in turn this armed with Luhn algorithm scans the computer's RAM for credit card numbers and other number sequences associated with the payment card, which are sent to the offender server .

The credit or debit card numbers and other information about the card holder obtained in this way will not be used to withdraw funds from the ATM, unless the PIN has been stolen, but can be sold on the black market.

Comodo SecureBox technology enables employees to safely use Internet technology and at the same time protects against malicious software, keyloggers, eavesdropping of SSL traffic, MITM attacks, MITB and unauthorized transfer of information to the "outside".

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