Cryptojacking is becoming more and more popular, even on YouTube

The problem of malicious software used to extract cryptocurrencies on the victim's unconscious computer is becoming more and more common. In recent weeks, analysts from Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs have discovered further examples of cryptojacking sites.

In December last year, Fortinet analysts discovered an attacked website - acenespargc [.] com . By studying the source code, they noticed a suspicious encrypted script converting all characters into numbers. Using a tool called CharCode Translator, the original characters were restored. This enabled the download of a link that redirects to the scamera page or to the phishing page. Using this technique, criminals are able to hide malicious URLs.

This technique has already been adapted by cybercriminals to hide JavaScript for extracting cryptocurrencies on infected sites. In this way, anyone who visits the site will be infected and his computer will start working for the cybercriminal.

We classify this activity as malicious, because it uses the resources of other people's devices without their consent - explains Robert Dąbrowski, head of the Fortinet engineering team. - Cryptojacking significantly slows down the computer because its processor is fully used after visiting the website.

Cryptojacking is becoming more and more common

Another example of a malicious script was found on :

Cryptojacking on blackberrymobile

The number of cybercriminals who want to make money by taking control of the processor cycle is growing, and malicious software used for this purpose appears in subsequent places on the network. A few days ago, several malicious ads appeared on YouTube. Fortunately, YouTube remained vigilant and found a problem, then removed these ads within two hours.

Cryptojacking on YouTube

What can you do to avoid becoming a victim of cryptojacking? Use the guide prepared by the AVLab website . In a few simple steps, we describe how to protect yourself against malicious scripts.

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