Cyber ​​threats in 2018 according to the F-Secure expert

In 2018, one should expect further popularization of personal assistants (such as Siri or Alexa). With increasing interest of users, there will be attacks on such systems as well. Initially they will be jokes or acts of vandalism - we already had examples of activating assistants through television commercials and ultrasounds. The next year may bring new categories of attacks in this area, perhaps already of a commercial nature.

You should also watch out for devices from the Internet of Things category (IoT). Certainly, many adults have received gadgets for everyday use connected to the Internet under the Christmas tree, and children - toys of this type. It should be remembered that in the eyes of a hacker, such a device is simply a small computer connected to a network that can be used for illegal purposes. In this case, the right selection of device manufacturers and proper protection of the home network to which this gadget is connected is particularly important. The hacker's targets will continue to be televisions (smart TV) as well as ... cars. There are already the first cases of successful theft of vehicles using hacking tools. Opening a car with a smartphone every day is a tempting option, but be careful.

Cybermanipulation and dissemination of so-called postprawdy (fake news), and as a result attempts to influence public opinion. Examples are numerous - from the presidential elections in the USA and France to the recent coup in Zimbabwe. It will be increasingly difficult for us, as well as the media, to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

In 2018, we will often hear about traditional threats such as ransomware, phishing, adware or SPAM. The speculative Bitcoin roller coaster can cause cybercriminals' unusual activity, especially in the ransomware sphere, where Bitcoin is the main currency. Due to the growing value of Bitcoin (and its variability), bitcoin wallets, mixers and exchange offices will surely be an attractive target. An example is the recent attack on Slovenian NiceHash.

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