Dark clouds over the Kaspersky Lab – the head of the Ministry has "doubts as to the credibility of this company"

A few days ago we wrote about the new budget prepared by the U.S. Senate for the Department of Defense, in which he was such a provision:

Prohibits the DOD from using software platforms developed by Kaspersky Lab due to reports that the Moscow-based company might be vulnerable to Russian government influence.

Americans want to completely displace the Russian company supplying probably the most effective safety solutions for public and private sector. The protection of American interests dictated is concern about alleged having rear doors by Kaspersky Lab brand applications. Is this true? So far no one has provided hard evidence. We get so conflicting reports and we are witnesses to the verbal jostling between the supporters of the conspiracy theory and the opponents of this presumption. One thing is certain-far nor are American interests, or enemies of everything that the Russian did not provide a clear justification for his judgment.

Who to believe?

Yesterday, Yevgeny Kapersky in an interview for The Associated Press said that it is ready to cooperate with the U.S. Government and may testify before regulators in the United States, to prove that the allegations against his company are not real.

If the United States needs, we can disclose the source code.

Anything I can do to prove that we don't behave maliciously, and will do it.

Head of the Russian anti-virus company said it would move some of the research and development of the software on the territory of the UNITED STATES to clamp down on all the rumors about its company and products, which-as-"were initiated two decades ago by jealousy ". Probably it was a jealousy towards specialized security software of the Russian company, which for many years is at the forefront and to step down from this place wants to.

Other allegations against the hiring of former spies in the Sales Department, Kaspersky Lab has responded in the affirmative. These accusations to the likely interference of external factors on the antivirus software dementuje in this way, that this would require access to a variety of technological processes at one time by a group of people who would have to have different levels of access to the specified resources.

Although Yevgeny Kapersky wanting to stop all the skeptics, goes on the hand to the US Government, and he proposes to review code of programs developed by Kaspersky Lab, it being a dispute as to who is right, the last two years still has no end. The only certain information is that Kaspersky Lab for several years may totally disappear from the American market, which by the year 2022 can reach up to $22 billion. Is so what roll.

Yevgeni Kapersky and his company will never work to the detriment of global cybersecurity:

"We stay on the bright side. And never, never go to the dark side. "

What is the truth?

A real divination tea leaves and dispute which may have the same background political as Smolensk disaster. As a portal which deals all cybersecurity issues very seriously, we can't without irrefutable evidence to accuse Kaspersky Lab to use the rear doors. However, by remaining passive in this matter, we can get a backfire from both opponents and supporters of this conspiracy theory.

What is the truth? To whom should we believe? Should we be consistent, throwing out the law of Kaspersky Lab software from public institutions, but replacing them with Polish Arcabit solutions? If the head of the Ministry, Mariusz Błaszczak, is in possession of information about Kaspersky Lab that can plunge the anti-virus giant from Russia?

Statement by Mariusz Błaszczaka at the cyberatakowi Conference in Ukraine and ransomware Petya is meaningful, but also ambiguous: "not for Kaspersky Lab, because we have niezbitymi evidence"? Can-"not for Kaspersky Lab, because all Russian is for current Government politically incorrect?

Mariusz Błaszczak when asked for comment. the last cyber attack in the context of the Kaspersky Lab's statistics, according to which Poland found itself in third place as the country with the largest number of infections, said:

This will allow Mr. Editor, that I will not go into the details, the more that a company which the Lord name reported. Can stop this. I have some doubts as to the credibility of this company.

Statement by the head of the Ministry on the Kaspersky Lab's 12 minutes:

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