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Bitdefender GravityZone
Developer: Bitdefender
Product name: Bitdefender GravityZone

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High management capabilities, central scanning to optimize workstation performance and top-class protection - these are the hallmarks of the Bitdefender GravityZone solution. If we add 500 million protected users and the popularity of the Bitdefender antivirus engine among other manufacturers, we end up with a first-class solution with effectiveness confirmed not only by tests, but above all by the opinions of satisfied customers.

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Bitdefender GravityZone, a flexible security product based on the neural network protection system BRAIN (Bitdefender Reflective Artificial Intelligent Networks) received in August an update introducing full disk encryption using the system technology Microfost'u - BitLocker. The entire volume encryption operation is now available for all versions of Bitdefender GravityZone: Business Security, Advanced Business Security, Enterprise Security and the new Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security solution. After purchasing a license extending the basic functionality, the security policy settings will be extended with a new option - "encryption". Thanks to this upgrade, Bitdefender products have gained better protection of endpoints - this is particularly important wherever a successful cyber attack can result in a breach of the confidentiality of company data and serious financial and legal consequences.

Agent pracujący zgodnie z ustawieniami polityki uruchamia narzędzie BitLocker i rozpoczyna szyfrowanie dysków.
Po rozpoczęciu szyfrowania przed każdym uruchomieniem systemu użytkownik jest proszony o podanie hasła.

Support for full encryption is not the only innovation that has been handled by the manufacturer over the last months. Thanks to the distributor Marken Antivirus Systems to Poland will find another solution - Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security

. This product is a combination of proprietary technologies for hardening the operating system, among others by encrypting disks, protection against threats from USB devices and protection based on inspection of the fourth, fifth and sixth network layers in the ISO / OSI model. Increased safety of workstations has been achieved thanks to the use of technologies based on mathematical neural networks, which have been programmed to neutralize threats using local protective techniques, as well as producer clouds.

Technologie ochronne firmy Bitdefender w pigułce.

Detailed offer for companies

The producer does not favor any group of companies. Solutions from the GravityZone series are adapted for companies of all sizes.

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Basic offer

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

has been qualified for the basic offer. The solution is intended for small enterprises. Customers receive scalable security of Windows, Mac and Linux systems and servers, and protection of virtual workstations and servers. Protection of the reputable company Bitdefender can be installed not only on the local network - it is possible to integrate desktops and servers with the Amazon Web Services cloud in the same management console. Support for this option, as well as disk encryption integrated with BitLocker, should be purchased separately. Managing workstations and servers is only possible through the console in the cloud. Additionally, if the customer decides to use the local console, he will be able to manage mobile devices.

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Extended offer

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security was prepared for more demanding customers. With regard to the basic offer, the solution has been enriched with the protection of Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers, mobile devices (Android and iOS) and the so-called "Security Server" option enabling "central scanning" of machines in the LAN network. Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security can be managed by both the cloud console and the local console. The basic difference between the two versions is that the administration of mobile systems is possible only after installing the on-premise console (in LAN), that is the server managing Bitdefender Virtual Appliance.

Bitdefender Virtual Appliance is a console image containing a package of additional modules, to which the administrator connects through the browser. A virtual server device with a database is prepared for the most popular hypervisor: Vmware, Hyper-V, XenServer. If necessary, the manufacturer can provide the preferred image format, which will be adapted to customer specifications upon special request. GravityZone Advanced Business Security, as well as the basic offer, has additional support for servers in the Amazon cloud, as well as encryption of disks.

For companies and institutions for which Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security will be insufficient, the manufacturer will soon be able to transition to the Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security product.

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Offer for demanding

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security is the solution between GravityZone Advanced Business Security and the flagship product GravityZone Enterprise. In contrast to the "basic offer", the GravityZone Elite Security product can only be managed from a cloud console today. Distributor Marken Antivirus Systems declares that in 2018 GravityZone Elite Security will be able to integrate with the on-premise local console. The software now supports the protection of Windows, Linux and MacOS systems as well as mail in Microsoft Exchange. Encrypting disks and securing servers and workstations in the Amazon cloud are available in a complementary option.

As befits new, Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security is not a heated chop. Unlike other products, GravityZone Elite Security has a unique approach to security. It uses a completely new HyperDetect technology - the layers of protection are connected to a coherent whole, which use machine learning, behavior analysis techniques and the detection of obfuscated malware (obfuscation) for neutralization and prevention of threats. In addition to detecting so-called "fileless viruses", or Trojans / malicious scripts that use system processes (powershell, cmd, wscript, cscript, regedit.exe) to hide in the system registry and act directly in RAM, protection through an integrated sandbox in the manufacturer's cloud, as well as local monitoring of suspicious processes. As the name suggests, in the case of fileless malware, downloading and running of malware takes place without the "explorer.exe" process, so there is no interference in the system structure of files and directories.

The distributor has declared that the new Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security will soon be available for sale. Customers who already benefit from the extended offer, after the launch of Bitdefender GravityZone Elite Security will be able to pay for the protection against payment for a new solution.


Offer for the largest datacenter

The recommended Bitdefender GravityZone Enterprise Security for large enterprises in the Enterprise and VLE sectors (Very Large Enterprise) combines the advantages of GravityZone Business Security and GravityZone Advanced Business Security. Moreover:

  • Characterized only by a local console, which is provided in the form of server image Bitdefender Virtual Appliance.
  • Enables licensing on the number of protected virtual servers and virtual workstations or on the number of CPUs
  • Disk encryption is in the Add-On
  • option
    • An additional protection extension package is support for HVI (Hypervisor Introspection): using the hypervisor API, it is possible to detect memory manipulation - buffer overflow, code injection, placing shellcod in RAM. Bitdefender HVI technology for a hypervisor Citirix XenServer detects attacks using 0-day gaps at the ring0 level (executed code in the system kernel) and is able to automatically remove the threat by injecting a temporary repair tool into the virtual machine.

    Typically, elevated permissions from ring3 to ring0 are required to run malicious software with administrator privileges - this can be achieved, for example, via the appropriate code in the PowerShell interpreter. However, ring (minus) 1 permissions are needed to successfully detect code in the system kernel. This level does not exist, therefore security programs can not guarantee 100% protection. Virtualization introduces the "ring (minus) 1" layer, which is "higher" than ring0, hence the proprietary Bitdefender technology is able to control RAM and the system kernel at a higher level than the operating system.

    Pierścienie uprawnień. Programy ochronne firmy Bitdefender działają z uprawnieniami na poziomie do ring1. Technologia Bitdefender HVI działa na poziomie hiperwizora Citirix XenServer „dom0”, czyli poza pierścieniem uprawnień.

    Scanning using a local signature server

    GravityZone korzysta z wielowarstwowego mechanizmu buforowania, który przyczynia się do osiągnięcia lepszej wydajności.

    Given the Bitdefender GravityZone series products, an undeniable advantage for working virtual environments is scanning using a local server, the virtual Bitdefender Virtual Appliance server. Companies that use Advanced Business Security or Enterprise Security (and soon with Elite Security) will receive configuration of scan settings.

    The manufacturer, responding to the need to optimize the protection, transferred the "weight" of the anti-virus to the central virtual server (Bitdefender Virtual Appliance / SVE), with which each machine connects, saving the allocated hardware resources. Unique and patented protection uses a multi-layer mechanism for caching access to resources in such a way that the weight of the scan is transferred to the Bitdefender Virtual Appliance server acting as a scanner and local virus database.

    Konfiguracja instalatora wdrożeniowego agentów zabezpieczających Bitdefender.

    Depending on the demand and performance of virtual machines and traditional workstations or laptops, Bitdefender can adapt the scan to the current device performance:

    Local Scanning

    - it is recommended for strong computers. In this mode, on-demand and real-time scans use signatures that are downloaded from the manufacturer's server to the device.

    Hybrid Scanning

    - this scan is optimized for virtual environments. Using the producer cloud, the workstation is unloaded from scanning.

    Central Scan

    - designed for best performance. It is implemented by a local server that not only stores signatures for workstations, but primarily is responsible for transferring the scan weight to the Bitdefender Virtual Appliance. Such optimization is recommended for very large companies. The limit on the number of virtual servers does not exist - as per the scalable solution, Bitdefender Virtual Appliance can be installed and (previously) properly configured to check the security of workstations in several places on the network.

    Tryb jałowy
      Lokalne Hybrydowe Centralne
    CPU [ % ] 0,918 0,645 0,344
    RAM [ MB ] 67 77 33


      Lokalne Hybrydowe Centralne
    CPU [ % ] 18,121 19,059 5,307
    RAM [ MB ] 164 176 76

    Differences between the RAM and CPU memory requirements for individual types of scanning can be significant. Detailed test of the performance of the Bitdefender GravityZone solution developed by AVLab best reflects these values.

    Bitdefender GravityZone bespoke

    There are many available offers on the market that have access to the console in the SaaS cloud model. However, there are few solutions that keep up with the rapidly growing organization and meet the demand for protection of diverse environments. Products that offer specialized technical solutions optimizing the protection of virtual work environments such as VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) - very large environments in which workstations are calculated in thousands of units are rare.

    Rozwiązania rumuńskiego producenta polecane są szczególnie tam, gdzie najwyższa jakość ochrony i personalizacja ustawień polityki bezpieczeństwa muszą spełniać kryteria stawiane przez wymagających klientów.

    The GravityZone series products meet these conditions. Installed console in a LAN with browser management capability is the central point for collecting messages from all workstations. The solution probably supports all the technologies of hypervisors: from Vmware, Hyper-V, XenServer to dedicated images, which can be prepared for a specific specification at the customer's request. Support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux Android and iOS meet the protection needs of all the most popular systems.

    Staying protected - it is really very good. Proprietary mechanisms of the Bitdefender company for many years regularly receive renowned certificates confirming the effectiveness of security. It is worth adding the BEST +++ recommendation from AVLab: in the latest test checking protection against ATP attacks , in which software gaps are often a link in the malware supply chain, solutions for consumers and business have received the highest distinction.

    Szczegóły dostępne są w raporcie opisującym test.

    Recommendations from other laboratories are also uncommon:

    W badaniu przeprowadzonym przez AV-Test w maju i czerwcu 2017 roku Bitdefender GravityZone uzyskał maksymalny wynik ochrony.

    Why is it worth choosing Bitdefender from such a wide range? Regardless of the offer for small businesses and large corporations, the unquestionable advantage of Bitdefender GravityZone solutions is the ease of implementation. In the basic proposal, where we manage users from the console in the cloud, just select the appropriate protection modules (anti-malware, threat control, firewall, content control, device control, encryption, relay communication server) and attach them to the installer. In larger work environments, the implementation of the Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools security program by Active Directory and the installation of a virtual Bitdefender Virtual Appliance server from the prepared image is also no problem.

    The Bitdefender GravityZone product only later shows the claw - great management capabilities, central scanning optimizing workstation performance and superior protection - these are the hallmarks of the Bitdefender GravityZone solution. If you add 500 million protected users to it (almost the same as Kaspersky Lab and Eset combined) and the popularity of the Bitdefender antivirus engine among other manufacturers (F-Secure, G Data, BullGuard, Arcabit, Emsisoft, eScan, Immunet, Qihoo, Quich Heal, ThreatTrack, TrustPort and others), as a result we get the highest-class solution with effectiveness confirmed not only by tests, but above all by the opinions of satisfied customers.

    For more information on deployment, management and licensing costs, please contact your distributor via the website

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