Do not be fooled by the fejsbuk scam

Eset informs that another humorous trap appeared on Facebook, pledged on careless and curious Internet users. This time the attention of network users is to catch the material about the alleged bunker in which ... were found ... living soldiers from World War II. It is not known how many people got into the sensational title and clicked on the link. What is certain, however, is that cybercriminals, for some reason, took a liking to stories about bunkers as a lure on careless facebookers.

ESET's antivirus laboratory, which captured the trap, draws attention to the humorous title of the link published on Facebook - "A nuclear bunker with two surviving Germans from the Second World War was discovered ..." (original spelling). Cybercriminals have prepared a slovenly trap - the title of the link on Facebook speaks of living Germans, while the site on which alleged video material is supposed to be found is about Poles. Such inaccuracy should arouse Internet users' doubts as to the reliability of the published information.

Analysts at ESET point out that the trap works on the basis of a well-known scheme. On the board of one of the friends there is information about the likes of an intriguing movie. The user clicks on the link and goes to the page that displays the ad. Closing the ad results in the publication of a link to the trap on the victim's Facebook profile. In turn, an attempt to reproduce the alleged video material on the site causes the display of only a short fragment of the film, which is supposed to imitate a film dedicated to finding soldiers in the bunker. After a few seconds, the victim is transferred to the page, which informs you about the possibility of getting the latest iPhone 6. Just enter the phone number, accept the regulations and rewrite the code received in the SMS. Performing these activities results in enrolling in a premium premium SMS service.

source: ESET

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