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A key criterion that has been strengthening for many years in the belief that Bitdefender is an unwritten "determinant of comprehensive security" is a very effective protection against Internet threats, behavioral protection in the installed system and network protection with a two-way automatic firewall with built-in intrusion protection system.

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In the third quarter of 2017, Bitdefender presented improved versions of antivirus software. 2017 is exceptional in some respects. The company celebrates its 16th anniversary in November. Exactly in 2001,30 cyber security experts met their dream with a programme that has been regularly winning prestigious awards in independent tests since 2004. Currently, Bitdefender employs 1300 experts, has more than 500 million users worldwide - and as befits a protective technology innovator, it has its own program Bug Bounty for independent security researchers and vulnerability research companies.

Together with the Bitdefender solution distributor, we have prepared a contest in which there are 5 annual Bitdefender Total Security 2018 software licenses to win, and each of them can protect up to 5 devices. To get one of them you just have to read the following review carefully and answer the contest question at the end of the article.

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 - cloud console

If you start your adventure with Bitdefender software, you will sooner or later find yourself in Bitdefender Central.

Bitdefender Central is really a portable console. It works well in remote management when remote action is required

This is a cloud-based "control panel" that allows you to access detailed license information from one location. You can give remote commands to an installed antivirus: scan the drive, find system configuration gaps, update installed programs, review security reports, read important notifications, locate devices, or manage parental control. For "Bitdefender Central" it is worth to take a look before installing the program on the end device. Setting up an account is obligatory in order to use the program.

Bitdefender Central is perfect for situations where one person in a household or micro company takes the role of administrator and controls the security of devices connected to the Internet.

When you are already logged in to the Bitdefender Central console, you can either download the installer or send it to an e-mail address on one of the supported systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). Of course, the Bitdefender Central account should contain a sufficiently difficult password, preferably by High entropy. Such a password can be created using the built-in password portfolio in the Bitdefender anti-virus.

Bitdefender Total Security 2018.

This year's new versions of Bitdefender Total Security 2018 are slightly different from previous versions. Users are exposed to spyware, not necessarily the one that has infected the operating system and that tries to spy on the victim's environment - because a simple browser and a malicious website with JavaScript code will be enough to run the connected camera if the Internet user does not pay attention to it. That's why Bitdefender Total Security in the latest version of 2018 includes functionality that monitors access to web cameras for installed applications. Of course, this applies both to the cameras built into the device, e. g. in a laptop and those connected by a USB cable.

During such an attempt, the user may allow or deny access.

Proactive Advanced Threat Defense technology for the detection of ransomware threats has also improved. This component identifies anomalies on the device and correlates various suspicious behaviours with the manufacturer's cloud and other modules included in comprehensive protection. For example, the ransomware that executes the following command will remove Windows restore points:

"C:\Windows\SYsWOW64\cmd.exe" /C "C:\Windows\Sysnative\vssadmin.exe" Delete Shadows /All /Quiet

Each such suspicious attempt is granted a threshold at which the harmful process will be stopped.

A firewall has also been rebuilt, which scans the entire IPv4 and IPv6 protocol, regardless of the port, traffic direction, protocol or network card used by the application. Such changes can be observed when harmful network traffic is detected despite the antivirus module being switched off. As a result, network security scans "everything" for malware, phishing and other online fraud.

Anti-virus protection from another perspective

When analysing the strengths and weaknesses of security products, we need to consider the voices of several user groups.

1. Satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Let's approach the topic very fairly and let's admit that there is no product that everyone would be satisfied with: and it's not as efficient as necessary, and this slows down down downloading websites, causes blue death screens, the privacy policy is not entirely clear whether the user's political preferences are at odds with the producer's country of origin.

It is more difficult for the developer to rebuild confidence once again than to win new customers. Moreover, although this group of people is usually a small promilium, it shouts most loudly in comments on blogs, forums and portals. Such a fight takes place in the minds when certain factors affect frustrated users - users who express their voices of discouragement very loudly.

2. feedback from professionals and experts, administrators, not necessarily from the cyber security industry. This group of users will certainly be able to cope without an antivirus program.

Here there is no room for concern about the "antivirus is unnecessary because....". The contractual "administrator" is responsible for safeguarding the company's interests at a digital level, so telling the modern company that it can do without security is not serious. Such feedback may be due to a lack of experience in dealing with e. g. ransomware attacks in larger IT environments than in the home.

Testers and specialists in the field of testing protective software. Such persons have "broken teeth" on the tests, therefore they have an advantage over the above mentioned groups of people. They are able to choose software tailored to the needs of the environment and configure them accordingly. They are well aware of the weak points of the product. It is their recommendation that the most satisfied customers are. As they are professionally engaged in testing and safety, they are therefore not able to anticipate factors that will have a negative impact on the overall overall safety performance at different network loads and security policy settings over a long period of time. However, if the effectiveness of a product is at an unsatisfactory level, using such a solution for a long time can only worsen the financial situation of the company or Individual user.

Bitdefender in tests and reviews.

AVLab, as an opinion-forming portal and testing company, has a longstanding reputation for Bitdefender products:

  • Bitdefender has for many years been a leading leader in supplying top-class security technologies to all sectors of the economy. Maintaining such a high level for such a long time is very difficult, therefore the recommendations of AVLab and other laboratories cannot be just a one-off mistake.
  • This thesis is only corroborated by
  • They numbered rewards from AV-TEST. Let us mention, for example, that Bitdefender has been a leader in categories several times in a row and year after year:
    • the best commercial protection for PC and Mac;
    • the best performance for PC and Mac;
    • the best protection for Android; the best protection for individuals and micro businesses;

The awards from the prestigious laboratory AV-Comparatives are also a confirmation. Here Bitdefender received Bitdefender many times:

In some way, Bitdefender experts have been maintaining a very high level for many years and there is no indication that this will change in the near future. In addition to the positive feedback of satisfied customers, certificates and awards from testing companies and computer related portals, the fact that Bitdefender's technological solutions are widely used in products from other companies: Kerio Technologies, IBM, Cisco, TrustWave, CheckPoint, SolarWinds and many others is also a further confirmation of all these recommendations. This must not be a mistake, it must prove something.

Full functionality Bitdefender Total Security 2018

Bitdefender's entire security software consists of many other useful modules, which we will try to segregate in a random order so as not to favour any of them:

1. Detects and notifies uninstalled security updates for Windows, recommends that you install new software versions (e. g. browsers, media players and graphics) and proposes to change the router and system configuration password if it is too easy to guess.

Underestimated but very necessary module for detecting gaps.

2. Best-in-class Bitdefender Traficlight scanners for detecting fraudulent websites and malware sites. Bitdefender Trafficlight is also available as a separate plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers - specifically for users who want to try out browser security or use a competitive security solution.

3. Bitdefender browser Safepay for Internet banking protection. Chroni in real time against fraud, phishing, viruses and malware, including: viruses that capture keystrokes on the keyboard and viruses that can store screenshots and send them to a criminal's server.

Bitdefender Safepay works as a virtual desktop "beside" the operating system, so it doesn't require system restarting.

4. Wi-Fi Protection Advisor checks whether the wireless network to which the laptop is connected has been protected with strong cryptographic ciphers.

5. Optimizing module Windows from redundant temporary files. Remains of installers, browser cookies or even legacy Windows Update files can be deleted without using third-party software.

6. The password manager For convenient storage of passwords that are difficult to remember, there is no need to persuade anyone to do so. Today, we should use a unique password for each portal. This is where these tools - the password manager - are used to help you not so much remember (this is also very important) but to generate hard to break the password with dictionary attacks (gross-force). In the popular password managers on Android You can also find errors in the security measures. It is worth remembering about this.

The Bitdefender cyclic software performs a protection summary and presents it graphically.

The new versions of Bitdefender 2018 provide effective protection against a very wide range of threats. Bitdefender provides state-of-the-art technology to protect against malware, Internet threats and hacker attacks. This is confirmed by tests and opinions of satisfied users, who are already over 500 million - and it is worth mentioning - more than Kaspersky Lab and ESET taken together. Let's add that Microsoft has decided that it is Bitdefender that will be the right partner for them, who will provide security technologies and integrate Microsoft's systems with the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection management console. Bitdefender was chosen because of its longstanding reputation for being the most effective in detecting malware and the smallest number of false alarms for MacOS and Linux. This was not an accidental decision, because Bitdefender is a member of the Linux Foundation with the status of "Silver Participant" and for many years has been active in promoting and improving the security of virtual environments and open source programs.

Advantages of Bitdefender software

Reflecting on the recommendations for Bitdefender Total Security 2018, we can mention aspects that the manufacturer still has to work on and those for which Bitdefender software is worth recommending. Whichever side of the TCP/IP stack we don't start, in every TCP/IP stack, Bitdefender's protection is best demonstrated in every such layer, reflecting in practice what both we have achieved - in the latest for fileless viruses and Prevent drive-by download - and other companies that specialize in testing.

The key criterion, which for many years has strengthened the belief that Bitdefender is an unwritten' end-to-end safety benchmark', is very effective protection against Internet threats, behavioural protection in the installed system and network protection with a two-way automatic firewall with built-in intruder protection.

For those interested in Bitdefender's software solutions, we recommend an even wider range of available solutions:

Software solutions for individual consumers are not the only products to which the manufacturer directs its processing forces. In 2015, Bitdefender BOX was launched for sale to replace the traditional router. This sleekly "box" has built-in network traffic scanning technologies that are designed to protect all users who connect to the Internet via a wireless access point. The solution Bitdefender BOX has many advantages. One of them is that the license does not restrict protected hosts, so it is really possible to protect any number of devices. It is not yet clear whether Bitdefender BOX will be placed on the European markets, and if so, we will certainly carry out detailed tests.

Users who would like to try the Bitdefender Total Security 2018 reviewed in this article should start with the Bitdefender Central console, which is available at the following address…


If you have read a board to board review, one of the 5 Bitdefender Total Security 2018 licenses can go to you. Just refer to regulaminem and answer the competition question:

What is the most important function of Bitdefender Total Security 2018 for you? Justify your opinion. 

Please submit comments to the review and answers to the contest question. We respect the privacy of our readers, therefore we do not log their activities. In order to contact the winners, please fill in the E-MAIL field while answering. This field is visible only to the administration.

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