Do you have an Opera? Be sure to enable protection against scripts that digress the cryptocurrency

Some time ago, we have reported several times about a new problem created by cryptocurrencies, specifically by JavaScript scripts that are used to extract cryptocurrencies via the computing power of user computers. Not always with their consent or knowledge.

Opera browsers for computers, VR360, Oculus and Chromecast from version 50 will soon make the built-in anti-Bitcoin function available by default.

The "anti-Bitcoin" function is now available in the beta version of the Opera browser.

It's still not everything. The current stable version of the Opera is marked with number 49, so now the developers have decided to update their built-in mechanism blocking ads for unwanted JavaScript scripts that could excessively use the computing power of the device - not necessarily the PC. To use this mechanism, simply activate the "ad blocking" function in the browser settings "opera: // settings".

Users of other browsers can use the uBlock blocker or read our guide in which we help to protect yourself from JavaScript cryptocurrency excavators .

In the new year, remember that digging cryptocurrency is possible even when the browser is turned off . And if you happen to this unpleasant situation of giving someone your own computing power, then remember that Polish websites, including municipal offices, may also dip your fingers (unconsciously).

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